Time to Party!!

Hey Portland!

Whether or not Sam stays in office , Q Center is part of his legacy .
He founded it , believes in it still and has personally implored me
to sing at their fundraiser this Saturday the 31st .

There has been a lot of angry speculation that Q Center has turned
their back on the embattled Mayor . Not true . The facts , like the ones
creating all of this histrionic bullshit we’re in now are known only by
the parties involved directly …. the rest is rumor and pissy gossip .

All I know for sure is Sam pulled the “…. if you love me , you will help
the Q Center ….  ” on me , and I do , so I will . I hope you will also .

Q Centers Winter Gala , Saturday January 31st , 6PM at The Nines .

See you out there ,

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