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Holiday Ordeal Indeed!


The boys and I had an amazing time spreading that Christmas cheer all over there and way up in here. As a gift of thanks and love to you all, Greg/Buddy/Cinq étoiles Eklund made a lovely Christmas video from our gigs and various escapades. Please share and enjoy.


Hello friends and lovers! Due to the current, appalling hate filled climate out there, I am compelled to start dispatching what I can from here (The Road, my home) to shed light, to rant, and to hopefully make a few people laugh.


Yes. Around here, in the Pacific Northwest, the locals are kicking off boots, peeling out of their Pendleton swaddling and tilting their beards skyward. Sunshine? Is that you…? Transient, warm puffs of air have been coaxing buds, birdies, arms, legs and boobs out into the open for the last week or so, and it’s delicious. […]

Tales From Abroad

Tales from abroad…actually, some questions from a broad. So, I guess the made for TV artist formerly known as Hannah Montana acted like some coked out stripper on television, and now there is a world-wide snit tsunami going on about it. I’m curious as to why. I’ve read the open letter to Miley C. from […]

Home For The Holidays

Hi there from an airport in Europe. I’m writing this in an airport. When you get it, and read it, rest assured I’ll be in, or on my way to (or from)…another fucking airport. I don’t mind usually, but I am pretty sick, and have been since we left NYC on Sept 23. Yeah yeah, […]

Back To School

Me at 15… Ugggh….Gives me the heebeejeebies just writing that down. If you were like me, school held a grim reminder of what you lacked….good looks, money, decent fashion sense, any sense, really….but mostly coolness. However, having been to my 25th high school reunion, plus running into old schoolmates from grade school to college, I’m […]

Crazy News!

What a crazy week! FIRST: I get home from three fun and fattening days in Nashville with Pink Martini, then immediately have to slap on some makeup and head to Dante’s with the band to film a scene with Geena Davis for TNTs as of yet untitled new show with her. (PS…she is delightful AND […]

Carnegie Hall?! …Yes, THAT Carnegie Hall

Tickets on sale now for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra performing at the Spring for Music at Carnegie Hall, featuring me as a soloist. I get to sing Kurt Weill’s “The Seven Deadly Sins”. I cannot begin to express my excitement and deep gratitude to share such a legendary stage. Here is the link …pass it […]

My Bloody Valentine

  Valentine’s day is about love, this is true. However, it is not about the kind where a last minute box of crappy chocolate lets whomever know that they are special to you. It isn’t about flowers or dinners or underpants, either. The real story of Valentine’s day and its significance, is way bloodier and much […]