Support for Sam

Hey Portland!

This week has been glorious for America , with the inauguration of
our new , genetically enhanced first family and all … but it has hit the
fan in Portland . Our mayor is in some serious hot water , that he himself
cooked up . However , I love Sam , I support him , and I know he will be
an excellent mayor , if we can get past this mess .

There is a press conference today at noon at City Hall to show support
for the man . I will be there . There will be a rally of support later at 5:30
at City Hall .

Please , if you like big , public squabbles with folks of differing opinions
and you wanna wave signs and be loud and obnoxious on any side of this
issue … stay home and blog , or cantankerously comment on other peoples
blogs . This will be a peaceful show of support .

Thank you and see you out there !

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