Spelling Bee plus

Last night I was a ” celebrity ” speller at a charity spelling bee that happens every January at the Art Museum .

I sooooooooo didn’t want to do this . The word list I was given was 4 pages and 900 words long . I didn’t have a clue at what a healthy 50% meant …. there were german , dutch , hindu , yiddish and native american words … not to metion the crazy russian words that tend to have the unlikely pairing of Ks and Zs all snuggly with silent Hs , hanging around being annoying . When I got to the Art Museum , however , I relaxed a bit , ’cause all my co-spellers were nervous and pissed about the intensity of the word list . All but one , I should say …. the 14 year old ringer , Trevor . He was eerily calm . Eating his dinner just simmering with all of his youth , collagen and his bright brilliant future …..  jerk . I knew I was doomed , so I figured I might as well have fun with it …. and intimidate the kid physically .

The beneficiary , of my and my ten co-spellers willingness to be clowned by a 9th grader , was Schoolhouse Supplies . They are an amazing organization , and when one of the teachers from Rosa Parks got up to speak , to thank everyone and talk about Schoolhouse , (she was a wonderful speaker/story teller , btw … clearly a fantastic teacher ,) the sting went completely away and I was really glad to be there …plus I got to meet Gert from Columbia Sportswear …. who is a major badass!

In the end , I stumbled on a few german words , came in second place , and Trevor took the gigantic trophy ( a generous donation by Thomas Lauderdale who has won the bee TWICE ) and Sam Adams (in his first public appearance since the Bro-lita debacle ) announced that a new record had been set in donations and nearly $200,000.00 was raised for Schoolhouse . All in all it was a great night . So , Congratulations Trevor … FYI: I can still kick your ass indian leg wrestling , glasses or no glasses !

(I’m totally kidding , Trevor’s Mom…)


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  1. Sounds like a memorable and fun-filled evening at the charity spelling bee! Coming in second place is still a great accomplishment, and it’s amazing to hear about the record-breaking donations raised for Schoolhouse Supplies. Congratulations to Trevor on his victory, and kudos to everyone involved for supporting such a worthy cause. Your sense of humor and positive attitude shine through in your story. Thanks for sharing this delightful experience!

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