Rumors and Facts

Sorry kids , though I STILL haven’t gotten official word from the RSSN camp , it seems the HB , Magni and myself have been unceremoniously bumped off the tour for financial reasons . They SAY it’s financial , but I know what REALLY went down …. I clearly haven’t slept with enough people . I thought I got all of em’ but a few were kinda squirrely and escaped my lusty grip . DANG IT !!

Dave Navarro called me to get the scoop , even HE didn’t know what the heck was going on . (Note to self: Don’t sleep with Dave Navarro , he isn’t in the loop … )

I , personally, intend to call everyone I slept with , (who gave me real names and numbers) and get to the bottom of it all . If you bought tickets just to see me or Magni or the HB … my apologies . We may still do something independantly of RSSN or in conjunction with , as we all still have deep affection and respect for one another … plus, I haven’t slept with ANY of those guys … so we’re still cool .

MEANWHILE , “Ladylike” debuted on Billboard Hot Singles List at ..5 , the new rock version with Dave Navarro will be out on Halloween Day (Tue. 10/31) , The Balls homecoming show at the Wonder Ballroom Friday the 13th is WAYYYY , sold out , me and two Balls are headed to Ottowa next week to rock the beautiful Capitol Canadians , (10/21 Thirsty Toad… outdoors , all ages ) and The HB , Toby , Dilana and I will be flying to Iceland to rock out for Magni’s Birthday on Dec. 1st . Beyond all that , I look forward to bringing much rock , some Balls , and all kindsa Stormy goodness to all of you out there rooting for me and my endeavors . You have all been amazing .

PS: If you still go to the RSSN shows , you should still show your support , don’t dis … Toby and Dilana , The Panic Channel and the RSSN guys are my friends and they didn’t make this happen .

See you out there !
Peace and Balls forever,

And remember , MySpacers… Don’t go nuts personally responding to this post …┬áKudra is juggling this AND school , AND a little one …. I’ll post more , when I know more . xoS

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