Storm here…

Hey … There’s been some confusion(and mad kvetching) regarding the other Storm site . I have NO IDEA who’s doing it or what’s up with it . The pics are all mostly from Rockstar (Some really cool ones that I don’t even have! Bastards!) All’s I can say is , I hired Kudra to take over this site for me back in June to pick up the slack I was leaving by being so gone and busy . BUT I’M STILL FREAKIN’ HERE PEOPLE ! THIS IS MY SITE . You guys have to try and understand how nuts things have gotten …. it’s all good , but so easy to fall behind on shit . Kudra has done an awesome job keeping up and anyone giving her a hard time because of someone elses sneaking around , can eat a bag of dirty dicks . This site and are my official sites . I’m sorry I don’t have time to answer everything or even half your questions and comments , but , guys … there are damn near 20,000 of you . Please be cool with Kudra and the folks on here , we are here for you guys . She answers around 200 emails a day and 300 friend requests a day . Egads …. me and the Balls will be checking our PO box in Portland and will seriously try to keep up . Give a girl some slack !

I’m gonna e-mail Dave N. and Jenny G and try to talk to some other folks over there at the bogus storm space . I pray that whomever started it is cool and will come clean as to who they are . I totally welcome another fansite , but pretending to be me is creepy and lame .

So far , no harm done … let’s hope it stays that way .


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