Hey gang!

I don’t know why I’m awake…..

What an awesome show last night …Kudra , I’m so sorry I made you cry … I hope they were good tears . Even so , you looked so puddely I couldn’t look at you lest you get my water works goin’…Thanks to everyone who made it out ! I think we made damn near 20 grand for Amnesty International ! Can I get a Boo-Ya!?

Speaking of charities , I’ve got a couple cool things to report : I will be donating my old Fender Jazz bass (signed , of course .. ) to The Portland Mercury’s annual charity auction in December. I will be performing a couple of songs for Kidsgiving , a fundraiser put on by The Buzz here in Portland , that will be Wed. December 20th at 8am on The Buzz . Just the other night , I spent the evening with a group of kids at Harkins House , a shelter for troubled and abused teens . ( Thanks Sean for your kind words in your blog about this…you made me cry … ) I was so nervous , but MAN those kids were cool . One of em , a beautiful and shy 17 year old boy , after much whining by yours truly , got out his acoustic and we played a couple of songs … it was AWESOME! I love talking with kids and hearing about what they love , hate … anything . I can’t wait to go back and cook em’ dinner ! (They eat jail food , mostly , but parents and freinds of the shelter can donate time and come in to cook a decent meal for the kids . HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT !? I’m all over it .)

A lot of times I find myself thinking the holidays are a huge commercial for useless crap we don’t need … but something about this time of year totally gets me in the giving spirit … as hokey as that sounds . The Balls and I are hustling to get a couple Christmas songs out that we will post on Itunes and give half the profits to soldiers families in the states , the other half to aid the Iraqi widows and children … I’m too broke to give money , but I can still sing , dangitt .

So here’s the nuts and bolts a-happnin’ in Stormworld:

We were supposed to be in Canada during December , but it fell through due to a slight communication breakdown . (Note to Canada: WE LOVE YOU AND WILL BE BACK FOR SURE! Ottowa , Toronto , Montreal , Vancouver … and points in between . I promise . )
We must bring The Balls to The People , so we did just that . We booked 5 shows in a day , so, California , here we come again :L.A, Knitting Factory December 7th, S.F. Red Devil Lounge , Dec. 8th, Mill Valley , Sweetwater Dec. 10th , and Portland , Wonder Ballroom , Dec.20th FINALLY , the all ages show that we’ve been promising . Also , in LA , we will be playing with our favorite new band , The Oolahs…check out their page, (They’re in my top 8 freinds ).Then I will be taking some time off performing to finish my record and get it out to you folks .

I hope you are all well and happy … if I didn’t see you last night , I will certainly see you out there , or in here .

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