Home again, for now .

I am only now starting to feel normal since I drove 13 straight hours like a cracked out astronaut. (Only I stopped to pee and stuff …. ) So good to be in my beloved Portland ,
but there is no time to rest … so much to do !!

This week , my old friends from this past Summer are rolling into town … Rock Star Super Nova will be here as well … if you’re going to the Memorial Colosseum to cheer on my buddies ( Dilana , Magni , Toby ,Lucas , Dave Navarro , T. Lee , and Gilby… ) I will probably be there for a bit , it is unlikely that I’ll get on stage , but I gots to support my friends , I truly love those guys … I’m not just talkin’a strokejob … but genuine affection .

We’re gearing up for our Spring Break Cal-eye-fornia trip .
There’s a chance we could hit Sacramento on the way back North , so , keep your eyes on the calendar in case there are any changes . Before then , I will be in LA finishing up vocals on the first 5 tracks I did , and then start on some new ones .

Hooray progress !

See you all on the boards and out there ,

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