Oh boy oh boy …. I think I can finally see straight to post about our “secret” gig at Dante’s last Friday . What a blast … but MAN! was I stretched to my limit!! Magni and Dilana came to town early so I took them around Portland a bit , got them on some radio and TV bits , (somewhere in the boards you can hear/see them)and generally caught up with them . I love those guys … it was so cool to have them up here . Then came show day (Friday) and I was pumped! Pooped but pumped . Thanks to everyone who came out ! Daydream and Mamabean made long treks to get here , Stinkbug came bearing remarkable gifts ,I hope they all had a blast … I only got to see them (and everyone ) briefly , but we managed to snap a few pics .

Mike D opened the set and tore out his heart with thee loyal bastards … I love him so . What a supreme gentleman . Then the mighty mighty Kleveland kicked holes in the stage and then filled them up with RAWK . They were recently called the most hated band in Portland …. I think , maybe the author of that bit meant: “Mmmmmmeow- meow meow meow ! ” I say : Stef and her band kick so much ass that your butt cheeks will swell up around your head , thus helping you to SHUT YOUR FACE.

THE BALLS ROLL ON STAGE . What a great feeling to be back on the Dantes stage with all our old fans , a lot of new fans and some of my friends from RSSN in the packed house . The Panic Channel , Toby and Juke Kartel , D and Mags were there
singing along and partying . What a night ! Davey and I didn’t get to bed until around 6AM . I am almost caught up on my beauty sleep … I’m still a wee bit ugly . But I’m still grinning at all the awesome moments during the last few days .

SIDE NOTE: I have overheard some snarky comments about Dilana getting on stage with me during the encore . First of all , IT WAS NOT HER IDEA …. our friend Pasha (photographer) dragged her out of her seat and made her do it , thinking it was a good idea . Secondly:I love Dilana and thought she handled it amazingly well . She felt really weird about it afterwards , as , normally , it is a big no-no to get on someone’s stage unannounced…but , again , it was not Dilana’s idea , and Pasha should know better ….

THAT BEING SAID … Dilana is an awesome performer,singer and above all , she is my friend . I thought she was great
doing spontaneous harmonies with me with no prep or rehearsal whatsoever , I am honored I got a chance to sing with her. So , Haters , SHUT YOUR SNARKING HOLES …that little chick rules. Her next single “Holiday” drops on Feb. 20th on Itunes and her MySpace (dilanarox)BTW .

I now must drag my weary ass to a photoshoot to get primped and spackled with makeup for a print ad . I feel like the punchline to that old sexist joke: Q,Why do women wear makeup and perfume ? A, because they’re ugly and they smell bad .


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