Day two in the Studio

I’m in the studio with the Fabulous House Band …. it’s day two , so , myself , Rafael and Paul are up for our tracks . I am so excited with how things are sounding ! I love my Balls , but if I gotta cheat on them …might as well go big . Kinda like , you love your wife , but if Jessica Biel wanted to ride you like an epileptic on a Hoppity Hop … you get me …. you would hope your beautiful wife would understand …mine does .

Rafael is almost done with his guitar takes … he has been killing it! It is so easy with these guys … well , they make it LOOK easy anyways. Paul is fully at the helm keeping us on track and focused . We oughtta have five songs for me to howl over around 5 or 6PM .

Once we have some mixed all pretty and nice , I’ll let you hear a wee bit , I promise . I’m so excited to throw these at you all ! Hopefully they will be downloadable by the time we hit the road in March .

Yes , in case you haven’t heard… My Balls and I are headed out to our usual haunts and a couple new ones , check the calendar

…. and HEY AUSTRALIA! We want to come play in your crazy country in April …. let us know how we can do that . My old buddy Toby Rand said that he could get us over no problem … but I gotta start planning it all now … what do you guys think ? That goes for you , too , U. K .

Please remember , guys , Kudra is just one girl … she’s a badass , but , she is an overworked , underpaid friend of mine , so only serious responses to this query , please , and she will forward them to me .

Peace and riot ,

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