What a week!!!

I am sitting in the Philadelphia Airport as I write this , waiting for my LOOOOONG flight back to Los Angeles . What a fun week ! What a blur of things I spun through .. lets recap:

Last Sunday at midnight , I got my flight info for Iceland . I left LA Monday morning , got to Rekjavyck Tuesday morning and had myself a time . James landed about 40 minutes after me , and our guide , Oli , took us to the hotel .

Oli , is also known as “King Olaf” …. quite simply because , he rules . In his gi-normous Jeep , he squired us all around . I even got to do a little sight seeing in the highlands . Iceland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the good fortune to see . Thank you Magni , Oli , Svali and all the folks from FM and Icelandair . I hope you never get sick of me …. because I plan on returning again and again to your country .

When we got stateside , James and I decided to visit with family for a few days , he with his brother me with my Dad . It was great to see my Dad , eat buttery food and see all my friends I grew up with in the 01772 .

Fortuitously , RSSN was in Worcester (’bout a half hour from my Dad’s) last night , so I tripped over to visit with my old buddies . It was so great to see everyone , Dilana and Magni opened the show acoustically with Ds new bandmate , Christian . She is a magical singer ….punkrock Tina Turner … it was awesome . Toby and his hilarious bandmates in Juke Kartel (look out , Ladies …. these boys of OZ are stunning and super funny ….yum!) . They put on a hyper athletic rock show,
so much fun . Then Panic Channel brought some rock sex boom boom …My God, I love Dave . Besides being lovely to look at and a freak on stage , he cracks me up , and his band kicks! RSSN brought it huge ….lit up floor , light show and LOUD! Lukas is a natural with those guys , with his bedazzled microphone and non-stop swagger . He’s a hot little bitch who brings it … I miss hearing him sing , so it was awesome to hear him again …. only bigger and bolder .

Last night I realized how much I missed ALL those guys , and how much I love them . I will see them again when they’re in PDX for sure …. such a crazy and beautiful crew of folks .

Gotta go buy a ton of water and a granola bar or something before I sit for six hours . Ugh . See you out there !


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