Here we go…

…please pardon my Oprah-ism , above…

Well I’m rehearsing with the House Band tomorrow , doing some pre-production for the recording . I’m finally getting excited ! It has been awhile since I’ve recorded my own songs , in my own words , the way I want to . You all havebeen wanting it , patiently waiting for me to get on with the dang thing . No more excuses … I am starting tomorrow morning . I’ll keep you all updated on how things go .

I had so much fun in Iceland . I hope they never get sick of me ’cause they are gonna see me ALOT in their country . Thank you Magni , Oli (King Olaf!) , Svali , FM and Icelandair , I can’t wait to show you my Balls! See you in the Spring .

On Sunday I got to see my old mansion mates , Magni , Dilana, Toby and Lukas . The RSSN show was in Worcester MA.
(about 30 minutes from my Dad’s house)and I got to see them all …as well as The Panic Channel and even Mr.T.Lee . There was much laughing and hugging all night . Everybody brought much rock , each in their own unique way . I can’t wait to see them again in Portland !What a great bunch of crazy , dirty , beauties .

Well , I’m going to bed now so I can be daisy ass fresh in the morning (…if that’s even possible..daisy ass?)xoxoS

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