I have caught a bit of crap ( no surprise ) about a song I like , by Nickel Arcade, that happens to be about the death of Britney Spears. OH MY GOD . Of course I don’t want anything bad to happen to Ms. Spears . That is not why I posted the bulletin . You lot , of all people , should know better , seriously . The post was all about supporting a very young band who , in my opinion , have awesome pop sensibility . I like cheesy pop , easy pop , even if they have lyrics saying something like … oh I dunno … “I WANT YOU TO DIE” maybe ????

I am sick to death of people putting more energy into the trials of the famous than their own damn lives . I know that if Britney , Lindsey or Amy Winehouse were in any of our actual families … or circle of close-ins … you would do your damndest to help and or save them . God help their hungry little wasted souls … but they have had their shot , and most likely will get plenty more opportunities if they can survive themselves .

In the meantime , I will continue to support young artists that I think are talented . You don’t have to like what I like …. I like brussels sprouts too , yes , BRUSSELS SPROUTS …. only one of the most HATED vegetables in the worlds flora … whatever . I don’t care . Let the world bitch about it , I will be listening to Nickel Arcade and munching on brussels sprouts and be just as happy as can
be .

Carry on …. see you out there .

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