PCS and Ryko

Ooops , sorry I never mentioned what the freakin’ show was … it’s “Cabaret ” and it runs from 9/28 to 11/11 at PCS ( in PDX) I am playing Sally Bowles … a trampy club singer doing her best with what she’s got during the rise of the Third Reich in 1930s Berlin . It’s a scary , dirty story with great music . Not your typical sweet and fluffy musical of the Hammerstein stripe … more Brechtian , stark and uncomfortable . You’ll love it .

I chat about it and sing one of the songs on Livewire Radio … the podcast will be available on September 29.

As for “Ladylike , Side One” it’s been picked up for physical distribution by a partnership between CDBaby and Ryko .

The street date is October 23rd .

Now old foagies like my Dad can go to an actual store and buy the record instead of having to navigate the baffling series of tubes that is the internets . I’ll let you all know what stores will be carrying it , so you can tell your friends and neighbors .The disc may be carried by Border’s Books,
hence there will be a shiny new parental warning sticker on them ( Thank you, Phoenix , for that lightning fast design and execution!!!) . I only swear in two out of the seven songs , but in one of those songs I F-bomb about 28 or 29 times …. gotta warn the kids .

Back to another 12 hour rehearsal … it’s a grind , but still sooooo fun . I may just turn out to be a theater whore .

See you out there!

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