With love from Iceland…

Well …. even though I was at deaths door when I was here last , I knew I loved this place . Now I’m back , healthy, happy , and let me tell you … now I’m MADLY IN LOVE !

Quick back story : Magni called me recently , all excited because “Ladylike” had been solidly at #1 for three weeks .
Next thing I know … he’s talking about me flying out for an awards show . Then , Sunday at midnight , I’m half asleep when I get my itinerary for Monday morning: Leave at 9AM from Los Angeles to arrive in Rekyavick Tuesday morning at 6AM .

OK .. here I am 24 hours post show . I’ve had a glass of wine and a candy bar and I’m stoked to be alive . Magni won best male singer , and the big concert we all flew out for his birthday last month won concert of the year !! (Yay Mags!!) I was the super secret special guest of the night and performed “Ladylike” with James and Magni’s band , Amotisol, whom I’ve never played with , but they were amazing .What a great time !

Today , my new friend Oleg took me horseback riding and exploring the gorgeous highlands outside of Rekyavick .
Now , Icelandic horses are much smaller than the usual beast I’m used to riding , but those suckers can SCOOT !They love to go fast too… so fun. We saw geysers , falls , glaciers…. My God what a gorgeous country . I can’t wait to come back with my Balls! (Jimmy Jamms wasn’t feeling so well so he opted to chill at the hotel .)

Magni , as I write this , must me landing in the states somewhere to catch up with Lukas , Dilana , Toby the Panic Channel and the RSSN guys to jump on their tour of the US .
Break a leg Magni . Thank you for everything and I’ll see your penguin ass in Portland on Feb. 16!

That’s it for now , my friends . We chat later , yes .


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