Why Marriage Matters

“Marriage Matters To Me is a grassroots campaign to get Oregonians talking to each other about marriage equality. The most important and influential conversations we have are with the people we know and care about. For the many Oregonians who believe that extending civil marriage to same sex couples is a matter of basic fairness and respect, Marriage Matters To Me is an easy and powerful way to start that conversation.” Learn more at the websites below-

2 thoughts on “Why Marriage Matters”

  1. Thank you Storm for sharing. I have stood up at our state capitol when other’s were trying to amend our constitution to say marriage be between one man and one woman. I was asking for the same rights as my parents and my four heterosexual sisters. For those of you who put religion before EQUALITY look at it this way. You can choose your religion which one you want to follow BUT you cannot choose your biology. So, lets all love who we want with all the same protection of our created laws and you can do it in your faith and I can do it in mine.

  2. Allan in Seattle

    It is true we all have the RIGHT to live but we do not have the RIGHT to FORCE others to be tolerant of what they consider less than moral standards. To say or ask who set the standards, look back to those Storm spoke of that paid the biggest price for us to be free. Those that worshipped GOD and Country and went to war for Our ONE NATION UNDER GOD… WIth In GOD WE TRUST printed on our money. Don’t try and say this is not a Country founded on Faith in a Creator whose moral standards were used in writing of out the documents we today cling to for our RIGHTS. Then proclaim THOSE RELIGIOUS folks need to understand. Some where it has gotten turned around, those religious folks did understand, the founders of this great nation. They set or followed the Moral Standard of their creator and included their GOD in their daily lives. Because a few today speak up does not mean those that are quiet are wrong… It is time to again awaken the sleeping Giant…

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