Whattup kiddies?

Some folks are clamouring about the Danny Bonnaducci bit in my previous post , some are defending him , some are condemning……I say , as in the raging American Idol controversy ( ..the judges are too cruel vs. by now the whole world knows the drill with those fucks and anyone can expect to be destroyed in the audition process .) This is all subjective …. we’re all correct . The loving people ( who are WAY nicer than me !) have no need to apologize for sticking up for the guy , nor do the folks who collectively wish he would go to rehab under a big rock somewhere .

I am a normally overly empathetic human with WAY too much patience with psychic vampires and drama whores (…just ask Davey …. ) . But the non stop pursuit of fame and gain kinda puts the kibosh on my heart strings . Being an addict myself , AND a public personality , I’m not against sharing my experiences . But when one exploits it , wears it as a badge of damage , and uses it to showboat oneself … puts me right off . It’s manipulative and lame .

I don’t think D.B. is a bad guy at all … I’m sure he’s a kind and loving soul , and all he’s known is Hollywood and drugs and drama … what he’s doing is completely normal to him . He probably considers himself an artist … who knows ? Just this whole culture of train wreck TV and the celebration of EW that has infected pop culture with most reality shows and celebrity rags makes my guts turn . That’s all .

ps….check the calendar…


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