Welcome Kiddies….

…to Storm’s friggin’ BLOG! Yay! I can rant, vent and carry on and on to my little heart’s content. I am currently in Northern CA taking a breather before I head to LA for about a month.

So, what am I doing? hmmm…good question. 2006 was such a crazy year. I’m working on making ’07 even more nuts! Recording, collaborating, touring…I’m hip to whatever. The primary plan is to go into the studio with the amazing Houseband in L.A. and record some of my original tunes. You guys seem to want – more than anything – some of my more rockin’ songs out and up, so that’s plan A. We oughtta have some new stuff for your listening pleasure in downloadable form as soon as mid February.

I’m not really doing an album, per se. You see, one of the coolest things about these modern times (no, not Treos and two headed baby cows) is the freedom that the internet affords artists and their fans. I do not need to record twelve tracks, mix and master them, get the artwork and whatnots in place, manufacture and assemble everything…THEN advertise, promote and sell the thing as a whole in brick and mortar record stores. What I’m shooting for is 3 or 4 songs at a time, posted on this site, ITunes, or wherever.

That’s the plan so far, my friends. Oh yeah…as I write this, “Ladylike” is the number one song in rotation on the biggest top 40 station in Iceland. I guess that means we’re going back to Reykjavik! God bless Magni!

Oh, one more thing…I’m headed to the Playboy mansion this week for one of Hef’s infamous parties. I will for sure fill you in on what goes down that night.

See you out there!

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