Waiting for my Balls to drop .

What a great weekend! Saw some old fans , met some new ones …. got to hang with some friends and rock a couple of big fields full of Canadian people ..(lightly sprinkled with Americans) . It was so much fun to play with the house band again … what a monster bunch of players …DAY-YUM!! We killed it ….Dilana , of course , kicked much ass as well … she played her new song ” Solid Gold ” , which is a big sweeping rock anthem with a touch of middle eastern melody and pounding guitars . It shows off her massive voice better than any song I’ve heard from her so far . It’s so funny if you’ve never seen her in person…. I imagine it could be pretty stunning to hear this humongous voice come surging out of her itty bitty body . She’s just awesome . And I never watched Rockstar INXS , ( Hell , I haven’t even watched the show I was on…) But , I must say , Susie , Ty and Marty are amazing performers , singers and people ….and darn sexy , too , if I may say so… I had a blast getting to know them .

So now we’re done with the shows , had our after party with much debauchery, vodka and hysterical laughter…I’m glad I don’t have to sing until Wed… I’m a bid raspy today , to say the least . All the Americans have left except for me . Ty is off to play NYC , Susie is finishing up her stint on “We Will Rock You” in Toronto , then start her tour to support her new record , and Marty is headed back into the studio to work on his next album , Lil D is headed back into the studio in LA as well .

Me ? I rest , relax , and wait patiently for my Balls to arrive . I talked to Davey yesterday , and they were already in Fargo ND !! They were completely freaking delirious . I told them to stop and get some sleep ….they finally did , in Madison Wis. Those crazy bastards drove for 30 hours straight!! Davey told me this morning that they are back on the road and about 8 hours from Toronto…I can’t wait to see them !!! I MISS MY BALLS!!!

I’ll keep you all abreast and a thigh on what the what’s happnin’ . Stay tuned .

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