Update !

So long it has been since I’ve said a dang thing..So sorry.

I thought this theater thing would be a break from my hectic touring activities of the last year plus . If by “break” I meant twelve hour days , 6 days a week of singing , dancing and enjoying some serious dark emotional exploration
on a woman who fucks for money/food/drugs/life’s purpose , gets pregnant , and whose answer to the rise of the Third Reich is to get wasted and pretend it’s not happening … then , yeah . I guess I’m getting a break .


I won’t complain , because , I gotta say , I LOVE it . It is
so wild to make art out of life experiences through the media of re-creating them as someone else … a different human . I love it . It tickles my crazy bone .

If you can , you should come … not just for me , but for the great story, the ridiculously talented people I’m in this thing with , the wild choreography and dark and dirty crap that happens , (no one under 18 without guardian can see it ) .

I pray every day that I can stay up to this challenge and not suck ….EVER .

I am loving this .

I hope my lovely Kudra is having a restful ( and safe ) time in Greece … and , fyi . The Balls have not broken up . We all love playing , (eating , and hanging ) with each other … but while I’m on stage being Sally , we’re all doing other stuff .

Loving thoughts….


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