Tourin’ !

We’re in Sac just waking up and gearing for some breakfast . We hit SF tonight …old friends , new songs … I’m so happy . I love rolling around in our big, stinky van , talking all kinds of disgusting shit that only bands on the road can come up with . Long drives , under even the best of circumstances , are tedious at best , brutally uncomfortable at the other end . The long hours sitting in a metal box with your friends looking over wide open vistas , mountains , plains , towns and
cities , the brain can get a little warped . So , conversations and topics that go on in the van , very often should and do ” STAY IN THE VAN”. Sometimes it takes me awhile to re acclimate to being around normal folks and the guys will shush me saying …”Dude…we are not IN THE VAN! ” It’s kinda like when you watch alot of porn , when you leave your house it’s kinda shocking that there isn’t a massive orgy everywhere you go ….maybe that’s just me , though …. When on tour , we mostly snack , listen to music , snack , start an awful thread of ill shit , lower the bar to the deepest recesses of politically incorrectness , laugh the snacks out of our mouths , prompting more snacking …then stare at the endless stretch of road until the next snack , shit talk, pee stop .

Then there’s the occasional carnage we bear unfortunate witness to … Brian was taking a shift , driving …roughly 80 MPH and he whacked two small birds with the windshield . Not just any birds… but dainty , bright yellow , happy birds . The kind that may sing sweetly over a newborn day , filling the air with the sparkling sounds of pure hope . How sad that their last utterance on this earth was an artless thud ….then…..silence .

Brian is a killer of beautiful things .

Anyway… more notes from the road later . Drive carefully !


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