The Nervous Breakdown

Great interview on The Nervous Breakdown. My friend Q designs all my CD Covers and is a phenomenal writer (she’s a regular contributor to TNB) and set me up with the lovely Gloria Harrison. It was a great day with some weapons grade female brains…and tacos.




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  1. Stuart Knight Ralston
    Stuart Knight Ralston says:

    Hi Storm Large. I am a friend of Gloria Harrison (best friends, actually). We’re having lunch next Tuesday to celebrate our moms’ shared birthday of July 20. Speaking of my mom, Nancyclare, her good friend Dave Lee is a local musician who just moved into a house in Gresham. He’s got a new digital recording and production studio there, and he’s looking for business. I thought I’d mention it to you, and maybe you can check it out. I’m just sayin’…

    BTW, isn’t Gloria awesome? She’s my favoritest person in the whole world…Check out my comment (7/15) on The Nervous Breakdown to the article, and her response…

    Thanks for the time. skr

  2. AJ
    AJ says:

    Literally just caught your show two minutes ago at the Edinburgh Festival, and I wanted to say thanks. I wish almost every girl I knew could have been there – from the current love of my life who’s self-conscious about her height, to my last girlfriend who was so terrified of turning into her psychotic, schizophrenic mom that she the fear was driving her crazy. You struck a surprising number of chords with me!

    Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing, you’re awesome!


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