The Gosh Darn Debate

So Rick Emerson , Tim Riley and I did a live commentary tonight on the VP debate on AM970 tonight , i just got home . It was really fun , I love those guys . We weren’t really expecting any fireworks … Everyone knows that Sarah Palin has been locked away in Arizona for several days , taught to smile as if she had already won , say nuc-YOU-lar , and recall Ronald Reagan , and Joe Biden was told to reel it in , stick to script and don’t get aggressive with the lady at the opposite podium . Both did their job just fine .

I’m curious to see how it all gets spun , but I’m pretty sure the Joe six packs at fox are probably stuffing their pants with toilet paper to soak up their squirts of excitement . SHE DIDN’T FUCK

Sarah Palin DID do a-ok , goshdarn it . She looked good , she spoke well , not necessarily answering the questions per se , but she played her role ; The spunky mom , the simple , kitchen table problem solver . Even though , in reality , she’s just a shiny , Sears catalog mask on some evil old bullshit … and her superior smirking really got irritating pretty quickly .

Joe Biden DID answer his questions , almost too much so , answering three to five different ways to each question , he never engaged Gov. Palin directly , was a bit sloppy in his speech and spoke of ancient times , just looking older and older and pretty stiff . Yes , he’s a good man , a great politician , incredibly smart , and of course , I’m voting Obama-Biden , but I felt he did not bring his A game tonight .

I’ve already been accused , in some forums , for going all republican on you because I said that Palin did very well in the debate . But here’s the thing , if ANYONE , at this late date , is still undecided … they’re the ones McCain’s people are hoping will be swayed by her dipshit colloquialisms and vote for them . And the debates are to get votes . Period .

Supposedly , there still ARE some undecideds out there . I haven’t encountered any , have you guys ? I’m actually really curious if any of you guys are still on the fence .

Anyways , that’s my immediate take on the veeps . It will be spun and spun and spun again and both sides will claim victory for sure , but in the larger national polls , Obama’s lead is still strong and the turn out for this election will , undoubtedly , be record breaking .

History in the making , people .
Good night .

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