Thankfully Home.

I’m finally home from saying farewell to my Grandmother .

It was bittersweet , but awesome to be side by side with my big brothers , my Dad and all my cousins and extended family . One of the main reasons I adored Neeny is she not only created a big loving family , she infused us all with the importance of BEING a big , loving family . I was on a plane or two all Thanksgiving day , turkeyless , alone with my hand sanitizer and Vanity Fair for comfort … but I was still humming with all the tears , hugs and love I had received and given over the last week of celebrating Neeny and her legacy . Then , landing in Portland last night , I
got hugs from Davey and Case , and fed nummy leftovers from their Thanksgiving .

Life is good and I am very thankful for every soul I’ve had the honor to love . Bless you all … take care of eachother , and I’ll see you all out there.

PS: Stay tuned for more Balls news next week ….


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