Teeth and Balls

Bad combo of words … sorry boys . I’m nursing an emergency root canal with vicodine and very very soft food . I’ll be fine in a few days but for now , I feel like I ate a knife . Ouch .

I hope you all have your tickets for this Thursday’s (12/13) Winter Wonder Balls show at the Wonder Ballroom , they are going fast , plus I’ll be on AM Northwest and Rick Emerson this week so , get on it before you miss out . This show is going to be soooo fun ! I’m doing a duet with the dreamy Sam Adams , the gorgeous China Forbes , the young and golden throated Jordin , (winner
of last years Portland Teen Idol) Stephanie and Morgan Grace from Kleveland , some of those crazy kids from Faces For Radio (the crew from Live Wire ) will bring some holiday hilarity as
well . Plus , a super secret guest who will knock your socks straight off . A perfect holiday show for those with a short attention span . The evening is kicked off at 7PM with a sexy set from Auditory sculpture . Come all ye mirthful !

OK … now for a small rant .

Just Out Magazine ( a great publication here in Portland ) did a sweet write-up and recommendation for Winter Wonder Balls . I am so grateful for their support , however , in the article , they said ” (Storm) is out as a bisexual….” Now , no one from the magazine talked to me or asked me about my sexuality , so I’m a trifle annoyed . Had they asked me , I would have told them , just as I told “Curve” Magazine , I find sexual labels to be extremely limiting . ” Straight” , “gay” or “bi” doesn’t begin to describe a person , in my opinion . Something as wild and intangible as individual sexuality should not be boxed by a moniker . Some smaller minds use labels to keep their world safe and easy to understand … some smaller minds use labels to hate and to hurt . Labels make it easy to compartmentalize the ” Who” into “What”.

There are many who sexually identify themselves for personal , social or political reasons , and that’s awesome . For Them . For me , calling me one thing absolutely rankles my enormous ego . My sexuality is on my sleeve for all the world to see . Yes , it’s big , shiny and shameless , but it is only one red peg among the hundreds that glow in my Light Bright . I’m a woman , an artist , a singer , a lover , a jackass , a mother to my friends , a big fat baby when I’m hurt or sick , a
cook , an animal , a brute philosopher , a nose picker , a werewolf …to name a few . When forced to describe myself sexually , I say I am an opportunistic omnivore with a wide monogamous streak … today . I stand proudly for my love of myself , men , women , trannies , couples and groups . With every lover I’ve ever had , the only thing I’ve ever been is myself .

I love every sexy body I have ever loved , you call it whatever you want , but please don’t fence me in .

See you out there ,

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