Sweaty Balls

Wowsers , It’s so hard to pack for a month when you know you and all your stuff will be smooshed, not in a van , not in a bus , not on a plane….not even in a trailer…but a car (!) with you and your balls and all of THEIR stuff . Thank GOD I’m the only girl!

I’m so excited to see The House Band and Dilana and (I hope…) Lukas , up in Toronto next
week ! Also in the house will be Susie , Ty and Marty from the first Rockstar . Too frickin’ cool !

What a great few shows My Balls and I just had , though ! I don’t know where to begin thanking everyone for coming out , helping out , and my amazing birthday roses and gift certificate ….you guys are the best fans EVER!

Ladylike is still kicking much booty on Itunes and cdbaby …I hope you all are enjoying it and spreading the dirty word ! I love it , but I’m more excited to start production on Side Two! Stay tuned….

So Canada , here we come ! A sweaty , cramped car full of Balls…rolling up to stretch ourselves out across your clean and lovely country , your stages… and your sons and daughters . Check the calendar for when we’ll be in your town , batten down the hatches , grab a drink and some hand sanitizer….here we come!!!


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