On Tour with Pink Martini

Singer Storm Large began performing with Pink Martini in March 2011, when China Forbes took a leave of absence to undergo surgery on her vocal chords. China Forbes made a full recovery and both she and Storm Large continue to perform with Pink Martini.
[blockquote cite=”Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini”]I always hoped we could find a way to collaborate. She is a brilliant, beautiful, charismatic and seductive star who would give Jayne Mansfield a run for her money. While we are disappointed that China is unable to perform with us full-time, I am delighted be able to introduce Storm Large to audiences.[/blockquote]

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  1. What a great job stepping up to the mike with Pink Martini in NH. Wisely you avoided trying to be China and made the songs your own. Thanks for a great show.

  2. Was at the show in Chautauqua this evening. Had no idea that Storm would be performing instead of China Forbes. Before she finished her first song I was mesmerized. Great performance!

  3. I just saw Storm perform with Pink Martini in Central Park and it was amazing. Storm was absolutely fantasic. She has made a permanent fan out of my father and so has Pink Martini.

  4. Melissa Hayden

    Saw Pink Martini for third time last night, this time in Central Park and the singers were not the only change. It is truly remarkable to see this band perform in open air New York as opposed to NJ where I have seen them at NJPAC and the Wellmont Theatre. The energy, the light, the ability to dance without all those chairs and audience pasted into them, the spirit was awesome. Storm, I love the rocker touch you add. We did not know China was ill and were open to your performance. You guys did a great job and besides being new to this gig and having to endure the NY heat (which doesn’t phase us but I’ve been in Portland in 85 degree “heat wave” and the streets were empty!) Love the special touch of Joey at the encore…only in NY and only with Pink Martini…keep up the good work!

  5. Just saw Pink Martini in Minneapolis. As the band leader introduced the evening’s singer of Rock Star Supernova fame and a one-woman show in Portland, I turned to my husband and incredulously asked, “Could it be Storm Large?!?”. Yes, it was! What a fabulous surprise. An incredibly fun concert, amazing music, and plenty of Large attitude. Loved it! Come back to Minneapolis anytime.

  6. Just attended a show with Pink Martini and Storm performing on stage at RTL studio(French radio station)! It JUST was AMAZING! Talentuous… What a voice! Pink Martini + Storm = the success of combination of two different worlds, of two different universes. THANK YOU for having offered us such a great moment of MUSIC! “Old Fashion, Symphonic, Global and POP” as you said!

  7. Nice show in Roubaix last night. I got almost all the songs I like and know by heart. I am happy to be able to be there.

  8. Sweet performance in Dublin at the NCH with Pink Martini. We had a fantastic time and that is what it’s all about!.

  9. Saw you at Usher Hall in Edinburgh last night – my first Pink Martini concert. It was fabulous and you were brilliant! Thanks for a great show!!!

  10. Wow! And wow once more! Having just seen Storm perform in Liverpool you can count me in as a new fan because that was an amazing performance that had the whole audience on its feet. Bravo, Storm! Your star shone brightly tonight and may it do so for the rest of the tour.

  11. Disappointed at the beginning when realised china not there. Storm was fantastic and soon had the audience in her hands. She was brilliant, sassy, sexy and had an amazing voice. She went down a storm in Liverpool. Could not have been any better, the quality and talent of pink martini is amazing. Looking forward to next tour. Seen then twice now everyone should experience pink martini. Xxx

  12. Saw Storm with Pink Martini in Cambridge UK last. Brilliant night, totally converted to Storm, and of course, Pink Martini.

  13. Edinburgh Usher Hall. Though not a PM fan the gig was very enjoyable with Storm giving an elegant and effortless performance showing why she is such a talent. The Calm Years for now.

  14. Thank you very much for your energy and your wonderful voice during your tour with Pink Martini in France. I saw you in Lyon (september, 20) and you gave me shivers ! I liked your personality, your humor, your sensuality… I wish you a very long and beautiful road, and I’m waiting for seeing and hearing your next projects….

  15. I saw Pink Martini at the Kennedy Center and then on Cape Cod. Both performances with Storm Large were mesmerizing. Cape Cod was very intimate and special since her family joined her on stage. Now I have tickets for STRATHMORE. What a treat to see them 3 times in one year.

  16. Awesome show last night. Thanks for a night filled with laughter, passion, enthusiasm, and sexy hot moves. Love Pink Martini and now a Storm fan as well.

  17. Just caught Pink Martini in Chico with Storm Large at the mike.
    Wow. Talk about enthralling. You simply can’t take your eyes off Storm when she’s on stage.

  18. Phenomenal job with Pink Martini tonight in San Diego! It is refreshing to see your style of command stage presence! Best of luck in any future endeavors!

  19. This was my third time to see Pink Martini. What a show…new, fresh and energized, especially by Storm Large. Best ever.

  20. Just had my first experience with Pink Martini and Storm Large in Santa Fe, NM. AMAZING show with multifaceted talented musicians. Storm was a delightful entertainer with a voice I could listen to forever! Thanks!

  21. I saw Pink Martini with Storm Large in Phoenix on Sunday. Having not followed the band much lately, I was not aware China Forbes would not be performing and was briefly disappointed until the moment Storm started singing. What an incredible show! I would love to be able to get a recording from the concert series with Storm’s vocals. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this refreshing take on all your favorite songs!

  22. We really enjoyed the show in Santa Fe last night, wow what a talented woman, she dances, she does yoga, she’s funny and she sings! Actually it was an amazing show. I’ve always been a fan of Pink Martini but now I’m a fan of Storm Large too.

  23. Just saw Storm (and Pink Martini) in Santa Fe…what an amazing talent! Funny, super sexy, and musically perfect. No doubt the best concert I’ve seen in years!

  24. I just saw Pink Martini last night at Marin Civic Center with Storm as the singer. Pink Martini is so great but Storm is so AWESOME. Great voice, showmanship, great dancer, extremely energetic, very funny and can really get the crowd going and very beautiful. My friend and I thought that she is in her 20’s. I just read her bio on wikipedia and I was so floored when I found out about her age. Wow she look really really good for her age. Not that 42 is old but she does really look like she is in her 20’s. I bought her CD and was surprised at her music selection. I love it and to think that I’m almost 60 and love her kind of music. Looking forward to attending one of her gig again.

    More Power to you Storm.

  25. WOW saw Storm Large with Pink Martini in Boston on Friday and the music just suits her to a T. Consider making her a permanent fixture!

  26. I was fortunate enough to see Storm perform with Pink Martini in Lexington, Kentucky in December . I have never seen anyone, ever, own a room like she did that night. And I have just now finished reading “Crazy Enough” – a touching, funny, brutal, and beautifully written book. Stormy, you don’t know me, but you feel like a part of my life now for letting me into your world via the book. Thank you.

  27. Just back from a gorgeous show by Pink Martini in Coutances (31st Festival Jazz sous les Pommiers – 31st Jazz under the Apple Trees Festival). Storm Large was the singer. What a voice and so much energy! Waouh. Just waouh! Come back soon.

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  29. Alexandru Stan

    I’ve just been to the concert in Timisoara/Romania, and I can say with open heart that this was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard…it was the first time when music gave me butterflies in my stomach …thanks Pink Martini, thanks Storm Large, for an amazing night. THANK YOU!

  30. Hope we can see you again in Romania! I had the chance to see the rehearsal before the show in Bucharest and it was an incredible feeling to hear you singing “Pana cand nu te iubeam”.

  31. What a wonderful rainy evening in Arkhangelskoe in Russia a few days ago! Hey, Storm, thanx for your energy, lovely madness, mad artistry and for you crazy voice!
    Especial thanks for your songs in Russian!
    Great show, great group, great singer!
    Hope to see you again in Russia! Welcome to Nizhny Novgorod!

  32. I was very disappointed to hear that China wouldn’t be performing with Pink Martini in Eugene on July 1st. My disappointment has been appeased by the great performance of Storm Large. I’d really like to see them perform together sometime. It’s the only way I could see Pink Martini being even more entertaining than they are right now. Thanks for a night to remember!

  33. Was at the Pink Martini concert in Ankara, Turkey last night… Storm and Shapiro were absolutely brilliant… what a feast for our ears!! Thank you… Although we are in the capital of Turkey, preference for concerts is Istanbul – we need more in Ankara!!! Hope to see you all again next year – if not sooner :).

  34. Sencillamente, fantástica… en la actuación de Barcelona con Pink Martini nos has dejado a todos impresionados (voz, ritmo, sensualidad, movimiento)… enhorabuena… y suerte con todo!!! Great show, felicidades al grupo…y especialmente a tí!

  35. I’ve just come back from Pink Martini’s concert in Madrid. I confess: I was there because of you, and you have been beyond my dreams. Thank you very much for a very special night, I hope to see you soon again (and please, next time come with YOUR show).

    A “crazy enough” italian fan.

  36. Maravilloso el concierto de ayer, 25.07.2012, en Madrid. Increible, simpatica, carismatica y excelente voz Storm large. Gracias por una noche tan genial.

  37. WOW’d us here in Sandpoint, Idaho! New to PM (means nothing; I have narrow tastes) and Storm Large, so no need to compare to past lineups. Extremely entertaining romp through a number of musical cultures and eras with pizzazz and class. And the reference to dress shopping in nearby Spokane (LOL). Well done!

  38. This is part of an email sent to a friend after the performance in Raleigh NC —
    Ok so there we wuz, at the local Auditorium here in the fair city about to listen to the NC Symphony in concert with a group called Pink Martini — they are from Portland area, Play at times with the Oregon Symphony and tour not only the US but all over the world – we found later. The performance was supposed to be a “Christmas” program of some type and that is what we expected – not exactly what they did or we heard – and for sure not anything that would remotely be called traditional – fabulous! —— The lead singer’s name is Storm Large, really. She lives up to the billing as her voice is truly show caliber and the first one I have ever heard live – absolutely mesmerizing. She did duets with a guy named Ari Shapiro (a news correspondent for NPR – I have heard him report many times — who knew?) He, as she, Pink Martini and NC Symphony were a complete surprise this day. We couldn’t clearly see Miz Storm well during the performance and I think it was probably good given her outfit – up close at the album signing and meeting I found her to simply be amnesia hot and probably said stupid things — given that voice, her performance/musicality and her physical presentation, I would happily follow her into hell never to return —

  39. WOW! We went to the Miami Beach concert last Friday for our anniversary and were blown away! While we were disappointed China was not performing, Storm stepped in and made the music of Pink Martini come to life! Her presence, love of singing and THAT VOICE!! She made the songs hers and not an imitation of China. That was what I enjoyed the most! And the bonus of meeting the members of Pink martini was such a treat. So earthy, nice, and warm. THANK YOU!!!!!

  40. Storm and Pink Martini blew away Houston last night! Superb! Look forward to more performances and some recordings.

  41. Sunday, May 26th 2013 , Pink Martini and Storm Large ‘rocked’ Jones Hall , in Houston, TX with our symphony. A very talented artist and strikingly beautiful. Looking forward to the September CD!

  42. I just bought tix to Pink Martini at Wolf Trap (VA) for July 2013. Please, please, please be performing with them that night. I saw you sing with them at the Kennedy Center a few years ago, and you rocked it! You brought an energy to PM that they’d never had before.

  43. Barbara Vogel

    Your performance tonight with Pink Martini at Chicago’s Millenium Park was divine! Thank you for a great evening. Hope to hear you in Chicago again soon.

  44. Just saw Storm and Pink Martini at the Morrison Center in Boise on Thursday night. What a GREAT show. One of the most talented ensembles I have seen in a long, long time. Of course, being lead vocals by the BEST voice in the Pacific Northwest, by far. Storm is a beautiful voice in English and the amazing foreign languages in which she she so beautifully sang. GREAT show Storm and Co. Please, please come back to Boise SOON. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

  45. A fabulous performance and amazing stage presence at the California Worldfest in Grass Valley last night. The vocals were spot on, sultry, and full of soul. Her audience connection was obvious and natural. Pink Martini sounded better then their recordings (a hard feat to do) like an exquisite and sensual dessert at the end of an international day of tasty music. Storm’s honey vocals made the night that much sweeter.

  46. Saw you at the world Music Festival. You are a force of nature!
    We really loved your singing, , sensuality and the wonderful and tactful way you handled the issue of people blocking off the view of the seated people. How lucky to see you with the great band Pink martinii.

  47. I too saw your performance at Worldfest. I was one of those seated in the front row and much appreciated how tactfully you handled the group of people who were blocking our view. Your performance was by far my favorite of the entire weekend!! Would love to see you again when you are in the Sacramento area.

  48. You left us breathless in Sofia. Thank you for wowing (is that a word?) us with your voice and amazing ability to ignite us within. Involving the audience in your performance was the icing on the cake!

  49. The cocert of last night at Palau de la Musica in Barcelona was georugeous… thank you for the way you sang and for took as on stage and signed your Pink Martini’s new CD.
    You got an unconditional new fan!
    You are great!!

  50. Craig McLaughlin

    Very much enjoyed the performance last night in Costa Mesa at beautiful Segerstrom Concert Hall. Storm blew in and dazzled. The Von Trapps were delightful too.

  51. Mihai Dumitrscu

    Congratulations for the song ”Pana cand nu te iubeam” ! As a native Romanian I can say that you managed to capture the spirit of this song beautifully. Although the words must have been difficult for you (they are difficult for native Romanians too, as it is the old Romanian language that is used in that song), you went beyond words and used the universal language : the one that comes from the heart. That’s the very definition of a great artist. Congratulations again !

  52. In 2015 I was listening Amado mio by Rita Hayworth in Gilda and I discover Storm Large singing with Pink martini, thanks to Youtube.
    I like how you sing , how you play, you seem so free..as Rita Hayworth at her time.
    Please add in your repertoire : I’ve been kissed before , Put the blame on Mame ,

    I hope you plan to come back in France this year , j’aimerai beaucoup vous voir en concert.
    Merci pour ce souffle léger plein de liberté. C’est vigorifiant !

  53. Hi
    I want to invite you for a concert in London, could you give me how much you will charge for this issue ?
    Please give me your quote about every thing about 2 hrs concert and 30 minute brake.

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