Storm in the New Year

Hey there, gang!

Happy near new year! Hope all of your Hos were Merry and a-plenty! Here’s a quick update on all things Stormy:

Contrary to ads that are mysteriously STILL running, I will NOT be a part of the RSSN tour. Dilana, Toby, Magni and (of course) Lukas will be on the bill…not I.

Regardless of my absence, however, you should still go out and support my buddies. I may even go to a show to drink their beer and cheer them on, but I will not be performing. I will be busy recording my album in January and part of Feb, and I will likely be playing live again starting in March.

Stay tuned to the site. While I am working on the record, I will be posting blogs throughout the process. PLUS, when I’m happy with a particular track I will post it. So expect something new from me as early as Feb.

I must shout out a huge THANK YOU to all the fans on the boards and beyond, my Balls and all the people who keep the rock rolling.

See you out there!


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