Storm Answers Your Questions!

question submitted by: whatthewhat (and many others)

1. What are the plans for Storm Large in 2008?
2. When can we expect Ladylike Side Two?
3. Any Storm and the Balls tours planned for 2008?

Leave it to WTW to be so to the point and concise … I love it !

1)Writing “Crazy Enough” and getting it on its feet is my first priority.
2)”Ladylike , Side two” is also on my mind like crazy … I’m working on that this year for sure , I will keep you all posted .
3) No tours planned , no …. we will be doing some performances for sure , but no pland for travel yet . We’re not ruling it out , but as of today , no plans .

Editor’s Note: Two shows have since been announced! Click here and here for details.

question submitted by: writergeekdez

My partner and I have recently gone vegetarian…but we are still eating a little bit of fish (mostly sushi) for the health benefits. Our favorite fish is salmon…I’ve already baked it with butter and grilled it with a wasabi teriyaki glaze.

Do you have any good salmon recipes you’d like to share?

I love salmon piccatta (sp?) which is cooking the fish in a crapload of butter , a splash of wine , lemon and finish it with some capers . Lots of garlic salt and lemon pepper and take care not to over-cook the fish .

Also…. when grilling , I wrap the fish loosely in foil , cover it with butter (REAL FUCKIN BUTTER , NOT “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS FAKE WAXY CRAP IS NOT BUTTER ’CAUSE IT’S NOT FUCKIN BUTTER IT’S NASTY YELLOW INDUSTRIAL SNOT….” )

Aaaanyway . pats of butter a-plenty , garlic salt then cover it with smoky cajun seasoning , cayenne , some paprika then before you close the foil over the fish for the fire , a slight drizzle of maple syrup .

question submitted by: bones 

If you could have or do one thing differently in your past, what would it be?

I kinda did everything differently … I kid .

There were times when I was cruel to people who didn’t deserve it . I was trying to be cool and fit in , and in doing so , was a complete asshole . I wish I had had the courage to be genuinely cool and not have gone that way . Conversely , I also would’ve liked to have kicked the living shit out of a few people in my past who TOTALLY deserved a beating , but I don’t regret letting karma do its thing on those folks .

question submitted by: moxie 

Where did you live when you were in San Francisco? Were you a “Marina Girl”? (kidding). Do you miss the city at all?

I lived on Dolores , 14th and Guerrero , Haight and Scott ,(3 different apartments in the same block) Haight and Fillmore then Oak and Central….in that order over 11 years. The last year of living in SF was me couch surfing and house sitting in SF and Marin and touring .

San Francisco is a gorgeous town , but like any human who thinks themselves too cool for school I have very limited patience for it . She’s a beautiful , bitchy town .

question submitted by: Jett 

Did you love Davey’s “The Ultimatum” blog about the trials of going to visit you in Rochester? Is he that creative around the house?

It kills me that D doesn’t take his writing more seriously . He is so ridiculously talented , that guy . Funny in person , yes , but when he starts writing …. my God he’s a genius .

question submitted by: Spankenstyne 

Any plans on touring Canada if/when Side 2 is complete & released or hopefully even sooner?
What are your thoughts on Davey’s new habit of wearing your bra’s on his rear?

You gotta admit that was impressive ass-cleavage.

When Side two is done , I imagine there will be some tour plans . It’s unlikely that we’ll be done and on the road in ’08 . The beauty and the beast of owning your own label is there’s no deadline for your next body of work .

Davey’s ass is a miraculous mass of man meat . My bra has never known greater glory .

question submitted by: Wimsta 

Since you have always been a thoughtful person (and I suppose even if you weren’t) what are your thoughts on the subject of forgiveness?
Also, have you read any good books lately? Oh, and do you have any idea how much I miss seeing you guys ever Wednesday… not really a question…

I think to forgive is one of the toughest and most important things you can do , spiritually . Especially in forgiving yourself .
Books , Hmmmm … well I’m reading the Golden Compass … fantasy books aren’t my thing , but Boom Boom McFeather layed it on me saying it was a great read , and I must concur . Exciting and very creative .

We are talking about a Dantes gig this Spring , so stay tuned on that .

question submitted by: luscious 

If you were lucky enough to stumble across the genie in a bottle willing to grant you 3 wishes, what would they be?

Hmmmm….. I think I’d keep it secret .

question submitted by: BadBoy 

What is love?

Everything .

question submitted by: Ria 

What would be YOUR “five mil lottery winning” fantasy?

Geez . 5 million . After I buy an awesome house for me and D-Lo and set up a trust where we can live off the interest , I’d sneak around and pay peoples mortgages in secret … I’d also like to buy my Dad a retirement home somewhere he could go fishing ,
somewhere near the ocean .

question submitted by: lovergirl 

Storm, Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on stage? If yes, can you tell us about it?

Back when I was a smoker , I lost my voice on stage TWICE . Once at my 30th birthday party and once at a cd release party .
Both in SF . It was AWFUL . My voice was completely gone . I managed both times to croak out the majority of the set , but I felt like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby busting through the gate to take a bold lead only to fall face first in the dirt with two busted legs .

I’m SO GLAD I don’t smoke anymore .

question submitted by: alligirl 

What’s your favorite thing for someone to cook for you?

I like it when Davey cruises internet porn for hours cooking up terrible things to me when he gets a chance .

Other than that ? Who needs food ?

question submitted by: Dental Floss Tycoon

What are a few of the key things you do to stay physically fit & healthy?

It’s boring , but I just try to eat super healthy and exercise . The thing I’m not so good at that is imperative to optimal health is getting enough rest .

question submitted by: Snapper Wade

Are you settled back in in PDX and regaining your health? I’ve been meaning to write you a nice long e-mail but wanted to make sure you were settled in again with time on your hands.

I’m much better , my friend . I guess I needed to go belly up and slip in and out of consciousness to teach me a lesson about prioritizing the other R&R … Rest and Relaxation .

question submitted by: LORETTA KIER

STORM have you ever sung in VEGAS? If asked would you?

I’m not a huge fan of Vegas . It would have to be a sweet ass deal .

question submitted by: BadBoy 

As a performer has there been an opportunity that you “passed on” and now regret having done so?

Nope .

question submitted by: Dental Floss Tycoon

Regarding exercise, you’ve mentioned before that you like to cycle around PDX on your bike. What else makes up your regular day-to-day fitness routine – Running? Weights? Yoga? Swimming?

I haven’t done shit in two weeks , but I love my bike , love walking swimming and yoga .

question submitted by: Cloudbrt 

Storm I’m curious about Cabaret. What was it like performing the exact same show eight times a week? How did the different audiences effect your performance each night?

I enjoyed performing it every night . There was something new energetically every night , either within the cast or from the audience . Yes it got tedious here and there , the repetition , but I really enjoyed the gig .

question submitted by: crystal 

Storm, what are some of your favorite fragrances? Not perfumes, but just smells in general.

Do you have any favorite cleaning products?

Davey’s head smells yummy . I like lavender for a clean smell , I’m enjoying Missonni perfume ….it’s like wine and dark chocolate … I like frankincense and amber ….

Oh ….and of course , bacon .

question submitted by: kiwijane 

First thanks for your time to answer our questions…
Secondly, who (alive or dead) would you most want to have an hour long conversation with and why?

Cheers from NZ


Ben Franklin for way more than an hour (we’d get baked and go camping ) or maybe Jesus . But if I could get Jesus , I would have a round table with him , Pat Robertson and George Bush . Me and J.C. would ROAST those other fucks . Or maybe Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan . I’d love to see Malcolm school that schmuck .

question submitted by: wienermomma 

Since I’m having Chardonnay and Girl Scout cookies (peanut butter Do-Si-Dos, which, I swear, used to be called something else!) for dinner, I thought I’d ask . . . what are your favorite GS cookies? Have you bought any this year?

ETA: I looked it up . . . they were called GAUCHOS! (Thanks, Mojo!)

I’m not into sweets so much these days , but back when I was a super stoner , I had a transcendent experience with some chocolate mint cookies .

question submitted by: mariposa 

what color will you dye your hair next??

any plans to record acoustic stuff with michael??? i love adam’s  bootleg of the show you did with michael back in ’06 and you guys  promised to release something….since you recorded “under you” for  side one, are there any plans to record and release the other song  about davey, “drive away”?

I’m loving my new hairs I got in NYC . (Thank you Alicia at Mudhoney …. AMAZING stylist!) I’m now a chocolatey brunette with pink bangs . HOT!
As for acoustic stuff with Mayco , yes , I would love to release our stuff . We have some lovely music we’ve never recorded …I know it’s overdue .
One day and a few thousand dollars and a week of time in a good studio and we’ll make it happen .

question submitted by: alligirl 

What’s in your cd player and where would you like to visit, that you have never been?

I’ve been going back and forth between Muse and Motorhead and I want to go to Italy .

question submitted by: Dental Floss Tycoon

Did the daily Sally Bowles ’Prairie Oyster’ take some getting used to?

It was actually a trick cup , the eggs went in , but didn’t come back out into my mouth .
Can you imagine ? 9 shows a week , two eggs per show …. ? UGH!

question submitted by: Spankenstyne 

The Wifenstyne would like to know then if there has been much thought to or any possibility of that wonderful cover of “I Want You” finding it’s way to Side 2?

Maybe not side two , but a recording of sex music I’d love to do .

question submitted by: MATT.CAVANESS 

I saw a performance of Cabaret last November and was stunned at how wonderful you and the entire cast were. Is there any chance that any of the performances were recorded (video and/or audio) for future release?

There is an archive video , but no pro recording or video of the performance . Lame , I know . However , due to constant requests (fans AND Davey Nipples … truth be told , more Davey than anyone ) I will record a version of “Maybe This Time” in the near future .

question submitted by: LauraKat 

Would you ever like to perform in a show on broadway?

Hard to say . I love New York , but it would have to be a cool gig . Though I love Broadway theaters … off Broadway is more my peeps .

question submitted by: bones 

Storm, even though a woman doesn’t want to admit it, aging is rough. It is inevitable and has an individual and different meaning for each of us. What is your take on it, especially as a performer in a profession that values youth and youthful energy?

Aging IS rough , but I’m so much a better artist than I was in my youth . This profession does value youth and shiny , collagen rich beauty (Hell , record labels told me I was too old when I was 27… fuckin’ ELEVEN years ago !!!!) However , I now have a confidence that is bestowed only on the crotchety and long in the tooth , and those who have done their art for fucking ever even though they made no money for many , many years . Presently , I’m enjoying my entrance to middle age because I FINALLY think I’m hot , and I’ve stopped trying to impress anyone . And in doing so , I’ve consequently impressed many . Funny , No ?

question submitted by: LauraKat 

The part at the beginning of Twisted Jimmy that starts out with a woman saying “Well, I have to have something to keep me company while you’re away. Sometimes in the night it does get a little lonely…I reach over and touch it. Then it doesn’t seem so lonely anymore”(sorry if I got any of the words wrong) What is that from?? Is there any particular reason why you wanted that in that song?

Paul Mirkavich , my good friend and co-producer for Ladylike , Side One ( more famously known for being the band leader for the RSSN Houseband) slipped that in there … I believe it is from an Ed Wood film … but I cannot recall without all my recording documents .

question submitted by: MyKids9603

Did you ever find out who sent in your audition tape for the Rockstar show?

Nope …. was it you ?

question submitted by: Ravyn A.

What personal experience lent itself to the writing of Lady Like? This song is my personal anthem… My “I’ll put on my stilettos, then walk all over your arse with them song.”

I’ve always been as praised and valued for being masculine as I have been vilified . The song is my “I am Woman , hear me roar .”

question submitted by: Ravyn A.

How do you feel about collaborating with other female artists?

I dig it , if they’re hot and they party  I kid … I’ll sing and write with anyone who inspires me .

question submitted by: Duncan

Purely fan-based: Where and with whom did you train as a vocalist…just lookin’ from some good vocal teachers.

Lis Lewis in LA ( from RSSN ) was wonderful . Razz Kennedy in SF taught me how to not lose my voice … that’s about it .

question submitted by: Duncan

Psychological…and likely WAY too esoteric and weird for a simple Fan Q&A: Aging is arguably the biggest challenge a person must face, for once one can no longer define herself as her failing body, her slowing and fragmented mind, or even her friends (for they begin to succumb to death and cerebral dissolution), how can one define herself? If you knew that tomorrow you would wake up without something that you feel defines you now, but could choose what to lose, what would it be?

JESUS CHRISTMAS DUDE ! What is going on with you ?!. My hair . I could lose my hair and still be funny .

question submitted by: Duncan

Egocentric: Do you remember “The Cricket Guy” (Who made the chirping sounds during a moment of silence after a particularly racy comment, and then later after he brought you wine) from a Sweetwater show a few years ago? I am he, and I really appreciated your approachability and how sweetly you took an awful demo from an obviously drunk fan…thanks.

Mmmm…. you’re welcome .

question submitted by: Will

What is your favorite airport to travel thru? and why?

Saga class on Icelandair through Rekjavick , Iceland . Awesome .

question submitted by: Billy C of The Billy Boys

When laying a kitchen countertop, which do you prefer: screwing or nailing?

I like it all , fuck face ! However …. Screwing , combined with a wood adhesive , creates a stronger foundation for heavy use .

question submitted by: Karisa

What has been your favorite cover song to sing live? why?
i love it when you and your balls play the music to one song with the lyrics of another. what is your favorite combination?

Favorite cover , “I Want You” by Elvis Costello , as terrifying as it is sexy , favorite combo…. “Sweet Homie Mother Fucker” Sweet Home Alabama mixed with Strange Fruit by Billi Holiday and Bring Tha Noise by Public Enemy and Anthrax . It’s the response to the response from Lynard Skynard to Niel Young for “Southern Man “

question submitted by: Tsuey

What I really want to know is when does a song gets to you? What does it take for a song to make you feel it.

Hard to say …. almost always melody first … then if you’re saying anything worth a damn , I might be moved . Rhythm is a huge deciding factor as well .

question submitted by: Val

What advice do you have for a person who writes and plays music over the age of 30 trying to get his or her stuff out there???? Its difficult to find any guys or gals that want to play in a band with you due to age????

No way ! Some of the best players are your age and they’re done chasing pussy and their next line of coke and they’re just into making cool music . Forget your age and just look for people who dig what you do .

question submitted by: Glenn

What are 3 things/items/etc. that ARE A MUST for you to have with you when you’re on the road touring?

Oooh . My laptop , lots of water and a good moisturizer .

question submitted by: Rochelle

What is going through your mind when your on stage singing?

Get them . Get them . Get Them .

question submitted by: Laura

What did you love/hate about living in NYC?

I loved that you leave your apartment and within five minutes , twenty things have happened to you .
I hated …. see what I loved .

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  1. I don’t have a question…but I just listened to your new album and HOLY FUCK its great! I didn’t even know it was out! Just thought I would see what you were up to and then I found this lovely little piece of fucking greatness! Thanks!

    Oh…and many tears of laughter shed on 8 miles…

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