Wow … it got frikken COLD in California while I’ve been here! So cold , in fact, that I got a call from a penguin… which penguin? Why , my most fovoritest penguin of all .


He told me that “Ladylike” has been number one on the hottest pop station in Rekyavick for the last 4 weeks !! Thank you Iceland! I guess that means we’re going to have to come back sooner than I thought …. I wonder if it’s much colder there than L.A. at present…? I mean … it’s cold… everyone is terrified , nearly unable to get out to the Coffee Bean for blendeds . It is mass hysteria …what is it , like , 50 degrees outside ? Arma-freakin’-geddon .

Anyways ….I’ve been settling back into being in LA . Unpacking , catching up , scheduling lunches ( I’ve told you about those…”lunches” , right? ) . On top of all of that , I am REALLY missing Davey . I get ripped up sometimes about having to go away from my family . Don’t get me wrong , I love my job .. I love that I get to travel everywhere and we are so lucky to get to work together most of the time … but MAN! It hurts when I have to go away .

I’m such a girl sometimes.

Speaking of girls… I’m going shopping with the AWESOME Art Conn (RSSN super stylist) so he can keep me from wearing sweats and a skicap to the Playboy Mansion . I adore Art , not just for his taste ( that more than makes up for my LACK of taste…) but he’s a blast to hang with .

Tomorrow , I’m going to check out the studio the HB and I may be tracking
in . We’re talking about laying down 3 or 4 songs … almost settled on which 3 or 4 . ( I know which ones everyone wants….you don’t have to remind me.. !)

That’s it for now … I’ll let you know how it all goes with Hef and the gang .

Over and out ,

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