….If you believe the news.

Only truly studly people with brass chestnuts can get out in this
waking nightmare that is ARCTIC BLAST 2008.

If you are so rad, so burly and EFFED in your crazy HEAD that you can
drive in this terrifying moisture (that is EVERYWHERE!)

Then get your high and tight ass to the Wonderball this Friday and
Saturday , 7pm at the Wonder Ballroom
<..void(0);.r{}>. Friday is all ages supporting
music education, Saturday is 21+ supporting Planned Parenthood. (There
will also be a silent auction of items including several naked
pictures of Storm Large <..void(0);.r{}>…)

Storm and the Balls, Sam Adams, Liv Warfield, Tahoe Jackson, Dan
Savage and the Portland Cello Project (just to name a few) will be
onhand to keep the wolves at bay and the yuletide gay .

Or stay home and huddle amongst your canned goods and emergency
candles….I don’t blame you .

See you out there….and God help us all.


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