For those of you who braved the elements this weekend and made it to the Wonder Ball(s) ,
we’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks for your part in making the shows so stellar . What a big
fat blast it was !

Fun as it was , however , something ( or someone ) was missing .

We are painfully aware that there are those of you who were house bound due to the weather and could not make it out . Since this was a benefit show we could not give refunds , but we want to make it up to everyone who was caught in the (other) Storm . So , The Balls and The Wonder Ballroom have made an executive decision to honor your tickets at a private event , in an intimate
venue in the snowless future . We have not yet decided when or where this event will be held , so keep checking back with us here , and at , at least once a week . We’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice .

This event will be free and private for you folks who missed the Wonder Ball , and still have your tickets .

So , please hold on to your tickets if you have them. If your tickets were waiting at The Wonder
Ballroom at will call , you will be able to pick them up at our private event, 30 minutes prior to showtime.

Please check back with us for the announcement in the next couple of weeks ,
and have a safe and wonderful holiday !

Gratefully ,
xoStorm&The Balls

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