Practice , practice ,practice .

I love playing shows . I love getting dressed up , doing my makeup , getting terrified , warming up my voice , feeling like I have to poop seven or eight times before we go on . I love that terrible / wonderful feeling that I forgot something incredibly important and I’ll have to wing it. I love hearing the crowd shifting and waiting , and then , when we step out into the light , that energy lurches toward us with a tangible , physical weight . And when I first step onto that virgin stage , even if I’ve stomped across it a thousand times , I flush with heat , as if I’m about to kiss someone for the first time .


Before we get to do all that , though , We have to practice.
I love practicing too , but for different reasons . It’s casual , yet still serious . We laugh a lot , fuck up a lot, and have moments of brilliance that only we get to enjoy . I have , in this and many past bands , had some miraculous moments of music come out of me that blow my mind . But for the life of me , they cannot be re-created . Kind of like those old fish tales where the big one got away : “…I SWEAR TO GOD IT WAS THIS FRIGGIN’ BIG !!!” Bottom line , though , it’s just fun to get with your friends and make a bunch of noise without the pressure of putting on a show , adhering to a schedule … blah-blah . I dig it .

Rehearsing for THIS show has been especially fun primarily because of the guests. I got to sing with Sam Adams tonight. I’m here to tell you , that guy has some brass balls on his
person . He has NEVER sung in public before and yet he is gonna riff and roll with me in front of damn near nine hundred people . He’s silly , sweet and has the dreamiest eyes … sorry . I had to say it , the future mayor is a total fox.

Next up is the lovely Jordin . Portland’s Teen Idol winner .
She could shatter granite with her voice . You folks are in for a treat with this girl … she’s an 18 year old badass , yet so humble and sweet ,it’s sick. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share the stage with so many killer humans … I’m gonna have to do this variety thing again . Tomorrow I get to practice with the beautiful China Forbes ( whom I , and most of my band have a mad crush on ) and then with my ladies , Stephanie and Morgan Grace , from Kleveland . =sigh= I love my life .

Oh … one last thing . I heard through the grapevine that Fox Reality had a countdown of Reality TVs 25 hottest females and I came in at number 9 ! Not bad for having not been on TV for nearly 2 years ! Thank you Mark Long and Kennedy … I know you all had something to do with that .

Thanks for your time kids! See you all out there .

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