Our one day off …..

Waking up in Ottawa this morning to our first day off since Tuesday . I , for one need it …lots of driving and singing and playing …all fun , but a day of rest is for SURE needed today , so I’m in my hotel bed in my underpants , ticking away on my mac . Then it will be a long hot shower a slow hot breakfast , then we’re off to Toronto .

We have had so much fun with Gilby and Channel One ! Last night I sang “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” with Gilby’s band.
My first time on stage with Gilby , it was awesome … made me really miss big guitars and monster drummers . So cool , I hope we do it again …I was too tired after the gig to go party with the Channel One boys , but James went out as I passed out . This morning Jammers said ” I almost called you last night because I thought you might want to see Chris (bass player , CH1) going down the elevator to the lobby , naked , tied to a chair…..” I’ve been laughing all morning
with that image in my head . Along with so many crazy things that have gone down on the road … one of which is James signing an autograph on a certain part of a mans anatomy… I promised not to tell …but I’m sure it’ll pop up in a picture . Stay tuned for THAT .

We play Toronto tomorrow , then North Bay , then we head home to Portland . YAY!!! We’ve had a blast in Ontario , even though it’s been FREEZING . But it’s still been awesome . Thank you , Canada!

This Just in ….NEW ZEALAND IS A GO , BABY!!! We will be at Studio , in Aukland on Friday , June 8th , tickets on sale through ticketek.co.nz … we may not make it to OZ on this trip , so YOU come see us while we’re close . We are stoked for the trip , and look forward to rocking all the gorgeous kiwis accross the International Dateline .

All good things come with Balls .
See you WAY out there .

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