on the road again…almost…

I’m only home for a few days before I go to Canada for a month . Now , it looks as though , when I get back from Canada , my manager and I will be off to the Philippines for an Uno Magazine party . Man ! I did the math while in New Zealand and I figured out that since I was on RSSN a year ago , I have been home about eight weeks total . I love my job , and I’m used to living out of a suitcase but WHAT A CRAZY YEAR! It’s been mad , but every day I Thank God for all my ups and downs and twists and turns that keep me on my toes and alive . In these few days that we are home , I’m trying to get all my home things done ; bills , family , BBQs, graduations , phone calls …catching up with my homelife …before I finish all my laundry and pack it all up again for another tour .

Today is my twenty year high school anniversary . I thought I would go , but … then I remembered how much I HATED high school . The more I thought about it , the sillier it seemed to fly out across the country for 36 hours to try to relive some slice of my childhood that left me scarred and hateful . Um , no thank you . I’m really looking forward to my big show tomorrow , however ( Sun. 6/17) for NW Pride . Thousands of festive folks out only to celebrate . Gay Pride …. always such a great audience …those people know how to PAR-TAY !

So , the PDXposed segment I did the other day with Women Build/Habitat for Humanity , was super cool . Sadly , I only got to hammer in about ten nails …tell a bunch of stupid jokes and disrupt everyone’s work day so they could show me how to not get killed while roofing . (Studly work…roofing..) I mostly just interviewed people and filmed stuff . Habitat for Humanity is a great organization and I’m so honored they allowed me to slow down their work for a few hours so I could learn a thing or two , and then share it with everyone . I will let you know when the segment airs .

Speaking of PDX-posed , I also got to shoot a music segment for them the following evening . As it happens , my good friend and former housemate , Lukas Rossi was in Portland to play his post “Rockstar” solo material . Touring with his lovely wife , bad ass tour manager and a great keyboardist , Lou Dawson (sp?) , travelling in a truck with a trailer, my boy Looky is on the road all old school , and it suits him . He looks great and his new songs are amazing ! His EP , “Love And Lust” is just 4 acoustic numbers ,a quick listen but SO worth it. They’re all very soulful and haunting with a sweet pop sensibility ….such good writing . If you get a chance to see him solo on this trip , do it!! I love that boy , and I was really happy to see him and his Lady Kendra happy and doing well on the road . I hope to hook up with them again in Canada this July .

Meanwhile sales of “Ladylike , Side One ” are rockin’ on CDBaby , (Thanks everybody!) and my Balls and I are off to the High Dive in Seattle , Wed. 6/20 and The Grove in Bend , Sun 6/24 to celebrate the records’ release , before we attack our allies to the North .

That’s all I’ve got right now … more later when I have a moment to collect my thoughts again .

See you out there !

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