Off and running …

Three weeks of rehearsal , two lungfulls of pneumonia , ten rewrites in one week and about 2000 audience members later … I’d say ” Crazy Enough ” is off to a great start . A pack of the Storm board folks showed up for Saturday the 4th and some of you managed to get autographs and hugs ( and new avatars!! ) Thank you all for making the trip , I’m so glad you had a good time!

This has been a wild experience doing this show , to say the least . Though I’ve been performing forever , I still get nervous before gigs , no matter how big or how small … I never want to suck … and the fear of sucking freaks me out . Usually , my nerves crackle , my breathing speeds up and I sigh a bunch , but that’s about it . With THIS show , however …. my nerves were on high alert . Not like they are with pre show jangles , but moreĀ  … as if you were hiding behind a tree , too small to hide behind, while two hundred people shoot at you with cross bows . Backstage , pacing and moaning , waiting for my cue to go on , I totally believed I would puke or fill my pants with burning terror squirts . Just recalling it now makes my intestines twitch . Let’s move on .

I don’t have time to do much , Mondays are my only day off , and so far my days off have been filled with filming a video . James Westby and Katie O’Grady ( the two brilliant people I worked with on ” Rid Of Me “) and Sockeye Entertainment have been working like crazy on the video for ” 8 Miles Wide ” . My concept was a combination 70s douche ad and an old Dr. Pepper commercial . No spoilers , but it involves a beautiful horse , a strip club , Rick Emerson , and some fierce dance moves . I can’t wait to debut it on . I would guess May – ish . Stay tuned .

Thanks again for coming out and watching me nearly crap myself repeatedly these last few weeks . I have new respect for my sphincter …. without its muscular tenacity , my monologues and music about surviving an inevitable mental break would have turned into a Karen Finley poopfest .


7 thoughts on “Off and running …”

  1. Crazy Enough is the most powerful show I’ve seen at Portland Center Stage in the ten years I’ve been a subscriber.

  2. Truly inspiring. I just arrived back home from Crazy Enough feeling intensely thankful that I am alive to have witnessed such a beautiful piece of work. Storm, THANK YOU for being you. So real. So raw. Just a beautiful soul you are!

  3. Wow. My husband and I were so happy we got to catch this local production. Its fabulous and I hope Storm and her one-woman theater piece get the national attention it deserves. How can we make it happen in San Francisco? Oh please come…and bring your Balls!

  4. hi i just saw the show tonight. i loved it. storm is an amazing woman. my mother had issues with depression and substances. she frequently would be in the hosipital when i was growing up. the similarites between storms story and my own were crazy

  5. Please let me know when you’re up for a do-over. Would love to see your show again in 2011…and bring all my friends.

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