O ca-na-daaaaaaa……

So Jammers and I had our first gig last night in Kingston , Ontario . So far … as I expected , we’ve had a killer time . Amazing what clean water , free health care and gun control can do for people’s disposition . EVERYONE HAS BEEN SO AWESOME . We were a wee bit nervous pre show since we are smack between Channel One , ( a great , heavy , U2 ish…super melodic and HUGE sounding…. not to mention super cool guys ) and Gilby who is bringing GI NORMOUS (duh) guitar rock….and his New Jersey drummer is a BADASS . There we are , just piano and mouth all quiet like . But God bless those CAnadians , they listened and responded to all our music and all my shit talking as well . A great time was had by us and by all … I will likely do a song or two with Gilby during this run . I never got the chance on the show , so that’ll be super cool !

All in all a great kickoff to this quick Canadian trip . Me and my one Ball are off to Hamilton now ,
more to come , stay tuned !

See you out there.

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