Storm in the New Year

Hey there, gang!

Happy near new year! Hope all of your Hos were Merry and a-plenty! Here’s a quick update on all things Stormy:

Contrary to ads that are mysteriously STILL running, I will NOT be a part of the RSSN tour. Dilana, Toby, Magni and (of course) Lukas will be on the bill…not I.

Regardless of my absence, however, you should still go out and support my buddies. I may even go to a show to drink their beer and cheer them on, but I will not be performing. I will be busy recording my album in January and part of Feb, and I will likely be playing live again starting in March.

Stay tuned to the site. While I am working on the record, I will be posting blogs throughout the process. PLUS, when I’m happy with a particular track I will post it. So expect something new from me as early as Feb.

I must shout out a huge THANK YOU to all the fans on the boards and beyond, my Balls and all the people who keep the rock rolling.

See you out there!


Illness and apologies .

Hey there party peoples! Here’s my official statement (and apology) for cancelling this last CA trip. First of all , I see it as a postponement , not a cancellation , we love our California peeps and we will see you again soon . I’m finally getting my voice back after a hardcore battle with larangitis and bronchitis . I got very sick in Iceland , barely managed to get through the two shows out there …(but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna fly 7000 miles to stay sick in bed .) I took a ton of icelandic herbal remedies .. none of which I can pronounce… all of which worked well for the window of time I sang in . But the backlash was my voice was thrashed worse than it’s been in years . Singing when you’re ill is like running on a sprained ankle…it ain’t good and prolongs your healing time .

So please accept my apologies … I ran my poor old body into the ground this year , so the best thing to do is rest up for our big show in Portland on the 20th (all ages at the Wonder Ballroom) and then get in shape for the coming year . Oh yes … there will be some exciting stuff for sure …stay tuned .

…oh …and Kudra tells me a few of you were ruffled by my fur hat . It is a russian military hat , and yes it is real rabbit fur . It’s the warmest thing ever . Here’s my philosophy on fur: If I eat it , I can wear it . So I wear leather , wool , rabbit and , now and then give pretty girls piggy back rides . Sorry if that’s upsetting anyone , but that’s my deal .

Happy holidays!

Hey gang!

I don’t know why I’m awake…..

What an awesome show last night …Kudra , I’m so sorry I made you cry … I hope they were good tears . Even so , you looked so puddely I couldn’t look at you lest you get my water works goin’…Thanks to everyone who made it out ! I think we made damn near 20 grand for Amnesty International ! Can I get a Boo-Ya!?

Speaking of charities , I’ve got a couple cool things to report : I will be donating my old Fender Jazz bass (signed , of course .. ) to The Portland Mercury’s annual charity auction in December. I will be performing a couple of songs for Kidsgiving , a fundraiser put on by The Buzz here in Portland , that will be Wed. December 20th at 8am on The Buzz . Just the other night , I spent the evening with a group of kids at Harkins House , a shelter for troubled and abused teens . ( Thanks Sean for your kind words in your blog about this…you made me cry … ) I was so nervous , but MAN those kids were cool . One of em , a beautiful and shy 17 year old boy , after much whining by yours truly , got out his acoustic and we played a couple of songs … it was AWESOME! I love talking with kids and hearing about what they love , hate … anything . I can’t wait to go back and cook em’ dinner ! (They eat jail food , mostly , but parents and freinds of the shelter can donate time and come in to cook a decent meal for the kids . HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT !? I’m all over it .)

A lot of times I find myself thinking the holidays are a huge commercial for useless crap we don’t need … but something about this time of year totally gets me in the giving spirit … as hokey as that sounds . The Balls and I are hustling to get a couple Christmas songs out that we will post on Itunes and give half the profits to soldiers families in the states , the other half to aid the Iraqi widows and children … I’m too broke to give money , but I can still sing , dangitt .

So here’s the nuts and bolts a-happnin’ in Stormworld:

We were supposed to be in Canada during December , but it fell through due to a slight communication breakdown . (Note to Canada: WE LOVE YOU AND WILL BE BACK FOR SURE! Ottowa , Toronto , Montreal , Vancouver … and points in between . I promise . )
We must bring The Balls to The People , so we did just that . We booked 5 shows in a day , so, California , here we come again :L.A, Knitting Factory December 7th, S.F. Red Devil Lounge , Dec. 8th, Mill Valley , Sweetwater Dec. 10th , and Portland , Wonder Ballroom , Dec.20th FINALLY , the all ages show that we’ve been promising . Also , in LA , we will be playing with our favorite new band , The Oolahs…check out their page, (They’re in my top 8 freinds ).Then I will be taking some time off performing to finish my record and get it out to you folks .

I hope you are all well and happy … if I didn’t see you last night , I will certainly see you out there , or in here .

Rumors and Facts

Sorry kids , though I STILL haven’t gotten official word from the RSSN camp , it seems the HB , Magni and myself have been unceremoniously bumped off the tour for financial reasons . They SAY it’s financial , but I know what REALLY went down …. I clearly haven’t slept with enough people . I thought I got all of em’ but a few were kinda squirrely and escaped my lusty grip . DANG IT !!

Dave Navarro called me to get the scoop , even HE didn’t know what the heck was going on . (Note to self: Don’t sleep with Dave Navarro , he isn’t in the loop … )

I , personally, intend to call everyone I slept with , (who gave me real names and numbers) and get to the bottom of it all . If you bought tickets just to see me or Magni or the HB … my apologies . We may still do something independantly of RSSN or in conjunction with , as we all still have deep affection and respect for one another … plus, I haven’t slept with ANY of those guys … so we’re still cool .

MEANWHILE , “Ladylike” debuted on Billboard Hot Singles List at ..5 , the new rock version with Dave Navarro will be out on Halloween Day (Tue. 10/31) , The Balls homecoming show at the Wonder Ballroom Friday the 13th is WAYYYY , sold out , me and two Balls are headed to Ottowa next week to rock the beautiful Capitol Canadians , (10/21 Thirsty Toad… outdoors , all ages ) and The HB , Toby , Dilana and I will be flying to Iceland to rock out for Magni’s Birthday on Dec. 1st . Beyond all that , I look forward to bringing much rock , some Balls , and all kindsa Stormy goodness to all of you out there rooting for me and my endeavors . You have all been amazing .

PS: If you still go to the RSSN shows , you should still show your support , don’t dis … Toby and Dilana , The Panic Channel and the RSSN guys are my friends and they didn’t make this happen .

See you out there !
Peace and Balls forever,

And remember , MySpacers… Don’t go nuts personally responding to this post … Kudra is juggling this AND school , AND a little one …. I’ll post more , when I know more . xoS

Storm here…

Hey … There’s been some confusion(and mad kvetching) regarding the other Storm site . I have NO IDEA who’s doing it or what’s up with it . The pics are all mostly from Rockstar (Some really cool ones that I don’t even have! Bastards!) All’s I can say is , I hired Kudra to take over this site for me back in June to pick up the slack I was leaving by being so gone and busy . BUT I’M STILL FREAKIN’ HERE PEOPLE ! THIS IS MY SITE . You guys have to try and understand how nuts things have gotten …. it’s all good , but so easy to fall behind on shit . Kudra has done an awesome job keeping up and anyone giving her a hard time because of someone elses sneaking around , can eat a bag of dirty dicks . This site and are my official sites . I’m sorry I don’t have time to answer everything or even half your questions and comments , but , guys … there are damn near 20,000 of you . Please be cool with Kudra and the folks on here , we are here for you guys . She answers around 200 emails a day and 300 friend requests a day . Egads …. me and the Balls will be checking our PO box in Portland and will seriously try to keep up . Give a girl some slack !

I’m gonna e-mail Dave N. and Jenny G and try to talk to some other folks over there at the bogus storm space . I pray that whomever started it is cool and will come clean as to who they are . I totally welcome another fansite , but pretending to be me is creepy and lame .

So far , no harm done … let’s hope it stays that way .


Hey Gang

I have an actual moment to poke in to say hey !

I’m in Portland for a spell to put on the BIG BALLROOM show . I am so excited to play with my Balls again , not to mention play for my Portland peeps YAYYYY! The show is at the Wonder Ballroom on Friday the 13th of this month . Afterwards I’m co-hosting my favorite for political party “CANDIDATES GONE WILD “!! Roseland , Mon. 10/16 .This is the most informative and entertaining way for folks to choose who , in local government , best represents them . I’m honored to be a part of it .

So Ladylike has some ripping guitar on it thanks to the lovely and monstrous Dave Navarro. In my experience , lead guitar players want to shred all over songs and elbow their way to the front of the mix … Dave did the most delicious and heavy riffs and chunked some dark rythem in there so that his presence is both subtle and yet so intense my nipples wanna tear through my shirt . He’s amazing .

And for the gossip maggots , Dave and I aren’t dating . Get your stories straight , people .
I’m still besotted with grief over my failed relationship with Paris Hilton and I’m finding solace in the tiny birdlike arms of another blonde starlet …. who has promised to eat a fried egg (with the yolk) on a toasted (WHITE) english muffin with REAL butter , (mixing carbs with protien!) and leave it in her stomach all day . I won’t say whom …. but some tiny angel’s gonna grow her ass back for me . THAT’S love .

The new version of Ladylike will be out on iTunes Oct. 17th.

See you out there , and bless you all for your support .

It’s me!

Hey everybody !

I’ve finally been sprung from television world , and now I am in a huge
, new swirling place
called REALITY . {yikes} My new reality is a whole lot busier than my
former reality .. but I felt
I really needed to take a few  to express my enormous gratitude to all
of my friends and fans
out in the ether of MySpace !

Some of you I know personally , some (a whole BUNCH) of you , are new
friends and fans . To you
all , I say , THANK YOU . Now copy and paste that thank you as many
times as you can …. and it still
won’t keep up with how grateful I am for all of your support . I don’t
think I could’ve made it through these
last few months without your love and energy .

And let’s hear it for my tattooed lifesaving fire breathing GODDESS ,
Kudra ! She has , and will , continue to be
queen of My MySpace as I can barely feed myself at this point I’m so
insanely busy . Speaking of The Goddess
herself , please don’t respond personally to this post … comments are
cool , but Kudra is handling the site solo ,
so be gentle with her , (and , when you can, please remind her how
beautiful she is… thanks .)

Don’t get me wrong , busy is good , it means there will be more Storm
music coming out soon . I’m headed back
to LA to go into the studio with Dave Navarro , yes , he’s kept his
word … and THEN some . He is a great guy and
a MONSTER on guitar . Suffice to say , I’m psyched … The more rock
version of “Ladylike” with Dave will be available
very soon , stay tuned .

So gang , I will try to get more messages to you in the future , but
for now , I will leave you with this note of Thanks.
It’s all I can do is just sit , mouth agape , in awe of the love and
support and just say THANK YOU . You are the best
fans in the World , and I promise to always do my best , and make you
all proud .

Take care of yourself ,
Believe in yourself ,
Be yourself .
See you out there !