New Look….

I watched the Iceland video myself … (Thank you Adambot and whatthewhat for assisting us non geniuses in seeing internet vids… )

The dress is the one I was originally s’posed to walk the red carpet in at the P-boy mansion , but it got shelved at the last minute …(didn’t feel right). It is super hot , and super slit up the side . I wanted glamorous poufy hair and moviestar makeup for Ladylike and the whole awards show vibe and… well ….

I looked like someones slutty mom .

Don’t get me wrong , I love sluts AND moms …. slutty moms are a toofer bonus…. but I think I’m gonna not do that look again . The show was great , I looked good , but it was weird to see myself rockin’ out all hard and stuff looking like I had just come from a key party where I seduced the neighbors son in lieu of paying him for his paper route …. where are my sweats ?

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