My old buddy Tommy Lee…

…is still kicking ass in the Crue and is now a long lean green machine with Ludacris on their new show …. along with a zillion other things he’s probably rockin’ under the radar . That man is nothing if not a tattooed blur of constant creative activity . I love that about him . The other thing I love is his constant burn to share the love and good times he works so hard for himself . While we were on the show , he would ask all of us , at every opportunity , if we were having fun . It’s on his short list of life priorities , behind music and his children ( who are , naturally , 1 ) .

Which brings me to my point of all this : The ” Make Rock History ” contest .
Once again Tommy and Crue looking to share the good times and the big stage ,
by seeking out the best unsigned bands to give them a chance to open for them
in their massive ’09 arena tour .

Please vote for my friends in KLEVELAND .

They are young , hot , they frikken rock and are super talented . I heart them bunches . I know Tommy will too . Just click the link below and git er done . And send T. Lee my love …


There are only 5 days left!!….so gather the troops and
help send us on tour with MOTLEY CRUE!!! This would be the experience
of our lives…. AHHHHH…. Let’s flex the voting muscle (in training
for the upcoming election…) because we would kick some ass on the
road with them….. surely if the Republicans can nominate a woman
V.P., Motley Crue can play with a woman….let’s do this!!! click on the link,
do a quick registration, and you can vote
everyday…… php?artist_id=22743

thank you for your help
shout at the devil……

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