Long time ,

…no blog .

I have been super busy (again) but it’s been great ! I spent a lovely week in L.A. at Paul’s house (Paul of the House Band ) finishing all the vocals on the first five songs . It was a lot of singing , to the point where I was completely sick of my own voice . What a great work environment , though ! I ate too much , slept like a cat , went on hikes through Runyan Canyon with Paul’s incredibly hot wife , Michelle …. It was a very productive time , but it felt kinda like vacation . I also got to see my favorite mansionmates ! There was a lovely dinner party at our good friend (and on-camera vocal coach ) Lis Lewis and her honey , David . Toby , Dilana , Magni and Lukas , plus my good friend and publicist extraordinaire , Mary Beth , were all in attendance . What a great time we had ! Everyone looked great and are kicking much ass in there respective careers . It was so good to see everyone … it made me remember how much I love those guys .

So… back to the five songs … I will release them along with one or two others and call it “Ladylike , Side One” . It is due out May 1st in digital and physical form . I’m really excited about the songs ! I can’t wait for you guys to hear them ! The Balls and I will be traveling and playing a bunch this Spring and Summer , so an official release party has not been discussed yet ….. though I would expect SEVERAL parties if I were you guys . YAY!!! Parties and Balls! The other “half” of the album will get tracked , mixed and unleashed when I can sit still long enough to get anything in the can .

The tour(s) : We are headed to CA. this week to see some old friends and rock some familiar stages , as most of you know (check the calendar). Unfortunately , Sac is NOT on the schedule this trip , but we are shooting for May to roll back through the southland , so I’ll work on getting to Sac for that trip . This just in : James and I will be opening for Gilby in Ontario Province , Canada in early April for 6 or 7 shows , once we have all the details I’ll throw it up on the Calendar …so stay tuned. Same goes for Australia and New Zealand … it looks as though we’re heading there in early June .

All good things and exciting stuff going on , so you all take good care of yourselves , and we’ll see you out there !


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