Last Day

I’m waking up in my fancy pants suite in the Edmonton Hotel… I absolutely HAVE NOT slept enough..but I’m trying to be quiet so Davey can catch up on some ZZZs. I haven’t been this tired in a long time . This tour has really tested me; no days off , lots of driving , dealing with some crazy fans…I got tackled on stage by one of em’…it’s been very challenging to say the least .

Now it’s our last day on tour together. We play Calgary tonight and then Brian and Jammer fly home . Davey and I are hauling the rest of the way to PDX on the road .

There’s a bitter sweetness to today. This is our last excursion as a band for a long time , and I feel like I was a royal bitch for most of it. The exhaustion , stress and non stop work , on top of these last 14 months of nonstop travel and work caught up to me and I was a raw nerve , snapping at everyone and feeling sorry for myself. Lame .
The last week or so it got a lot better , for sure… but I’m still apologizing to my Balls and my fans (if any of you got snapped at…)

I love my band so much, they are my family …not to mention BADASS PLAYERS. So here’s one of my many apologies for my snotty behavior . I’m sorry guys.

Once I get to Portland I gotta unpack , do laundry , see a friend or two , then drive down to Monterey to play with the Houseband at the 40th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival with The Doors and Big Brother and the Holding Co.
Then I’m checking myself in and checking out for a few days to get my head and body back to normal somewhere in the hot dusty hills of SoCal (no ,it’s not rehab…..just camping.. same thing though , sorta , only it doesn’t cost skabillions of dollars and I won’t be playing scrabble with Marc Jacobs
…though I KNOW I could kick his ASS at scrabble….)

Anyway , my lovelies , I look forward to being my sweet crazy self again . I feel it’s been awhile and I miss me .
Thank you Canada for being such a gracious (and spacious) hostess . We will return , bigger better and Ballier than before .

See you out there,

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