Kiwis and Hammers

Back in PDX baby !!! So good to be home again . We’re still struggling with the time difference …right now , in NZ , it’s five hours earlier….and tomorrow . Ugh .

So sorry for the tardy blog , folks. We had a BEEEATCH of a time getting online in the Southern Hemisphere ….a small price to pay for the amazing time we all had . Davey kept a damn good journal of events as they occurred…(He’s so damn good , that one…)So his blog will have all the juicy details of our trip down undah. Firstly : BIG THANKS to Doug at Chivalry who made everything happen …and I mean EVERY. THING . He’s a burly kiwi whose huge heart is barely contained in his massive body….hugging him is like hugging a piano …I love hugging him … besides being a lovely human , he makes me feel petite . Also , a big thanks to the most beautiful girl in New Zealand : Chantelle . Good God , people . She’s an ass kicking half Maori half Italian head turning GODDESS. Me and the Balls went all giggly around her…We all developed crushes but I was the only one who got to wrestle with her . A pretty dumb idea , in retrospect , since she used to fight competitively and could probably put me in a wheelchair with one eyelid…but she smelled soooo goooood .

And , of course , I have to thank all the fans in Auckland and Christchurch …and the crazy bunch who flew in from Oz to catch some Balls … we had a blast with you and can’t wait to come and do it all over again .

As most of you know , “Ladylike , Side One” came out while we were abroad , what you may NOT know is it was the top ten seller on CD baby it’s debut week ! So cool ! Thanks to all who’ve bought it so far , I hope you love it . I can’t wait to get side two in the can and get that out as well …along with another Balls record we’ve been wanting to do .

Presently , I am coffee-ing up to head to the Women Build site to help finish building a house for Habitat For Humanity . I volunteered to help do this for my pals over at PDX-posed and I am stoked . I’m a little scared , too … I’ve been wielding a microphone for fifteen years and during that time , I’ve picked up a hammer only to win an argument or two….for that purpose , hammers are great .

I’ll let you know how it goes today , if I haven’t smashed my typing hand ….or lost an argument .


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