It’s me!

Hey everybody !

I’ve finally been sprung from television world , and now I am in a huge
, new swirling place
called REALITY . {yikes} My new reality is a whole lot busier than my
former reality .. but I felt
I really needed to take a few  to express my enormous gratitude to all
of my friends and fans
out in the ether of MySpace !

Some of you I know personally , some (a whole BUNCH) of you , are new
friends and fans . To you
all , I say , THANK YOU . Now copy and paste that thank you as many
times as you can …. and it still
won’t keep up with how grateful I am for all of your support . I don’t
think I could’ve made it through these
last few months without your love and energy .

And let’s hear it for my tattooed lifesaving fire breathing GODDESS ,
Kudra ! She has , and will , continue to be
queen of My MySpace as I can barely feed myself at this point I’m so
insanely busy . Speaking of The Goddess
herself , please don’t respond personally to this post … comments are
cool , but Kudra is handling the site solo ,
so be gentle with her , (and , when you can, please remind her how
beautiful she is… thanks .)

Don’t get me wrong , busy is good , it means there will be more Storm
music coming out soon . I’m headed back
to LA to go into the studio with Dave Navarro , yes , he’s kept his
word … and THEN some . He is a great guy and
a MONSTER on guitar . Suffice to say , I’m psyched … The more rock
version of “Ladylike” with Dave will be available
very soon , stay tuned .

So gang , I will try to get more messages to you in the future , but
for now , I will leave you with this note of Thanks.
It’s all I can do is just sit , mouth agape , in awe of the love and
support and just say THANK YOU . You are the best
fans in the World , and I promise to always do my best , and make you
all proud .

Take care of yourself ,
Believe in yourself ,
Be yourself .
See you out there !

1 thought on “It’s me!”

  1. Hey Storm!

    I just finished your book and I have been listening to your Ladylike cd…. LOVE IT! I read the excerpt of your book in people magazine and was intrigued by the common ground we share as women who grew up with ( and survived) mothers with mental illness. Your honesty and insight was like an angel’s whisper and I applaud your strength in sharing it with the world. YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!! Coincidentally I’m moving to Southern Oregon this summer from the East Coast (NJ). I hope to catch one of your shows if you happen to be playing in the Portland area . Best wishes on the upcoming tour and I hope to see you on the West Coast. Keep rocking Storm!
    xo- Jersey Jane

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