Illness and apologies .

Hey there party peoples! Here’s my official statement (and apology) for cancelling this last CA trip. First of all , I see it as a postponement , not a cancellation , we love our California peeps and we will see you again soon . I’m finally getting my voice back after a hardcore battle with larangitis and bronchitis . I got very sick in Iceland , barely managed to get through the two shows out there …(but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna fly 7000 miles to stay sick in bed .) I took a ton of icelandic herbal remedies .. none of which I can pronounce… all of which worked well for the window of time I sang in . But the backlash was my voice was thrashed worse than it’s been in years . Singing when you’re ill is like running on a sprained ankle…it ain’t good and prolongs your healing time .

So please accept my apologies … I ran my poor old body into the ground this year , so the best thing to do is rest up for our big show in Portland on the 20th (all ages at the Wonder Ballroom) and then get in shape for the coming year . Oh yes … there will be some exciting stuff for sure …stay tuned .

…oh …and Kudra tells me a few of you were ruffled by my fur hat . It is a russian military hat , and yes it is real rabbit fur . It’s the warmest thing ever . Here’s my philosophy on fur: If I eat it , I can wear it . So I wear leather , wool , rabbit and , now and then give pretty girls piggy back rides . Sorry if that’s upsetting anyone , but that’s my deal .

Happy holidays!

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