Home For The Holidays

Hi there from an airport in Europe. I’m writing this in an airport. When you get it, and read it, rest assured I’ll be in, or on my way to (or from)…another fucking airport. I don’t mind usually, but I am pretty sick, and have been since we left NYC on Sept 23. Yeah yeah, I’m a badass, with my powerful stride and swagger, but Lordy am I a sad little boo boo bitch when I’m sick.

Please send chicken soup vibes in the direction of the Baltic region, thanks.

Before I go back into my sweaty Turkish Nyquil napping, let me tell you about the big bag of AWESOME that will be in November. One, I’ll be better, Two, I’ll be home, Three I’ll be recording a standards album… (or SUB-standards..more on that later) aaaand FOUR….? Four? WHAT is four, you’re wondering? What’s the big frigging deal about four?

The big DEAL, as in ORDEAL!
THE HOLIDAY ORDEAL, that is..or REVENGE of the Holiday Ordeal, or Son of the Holiday….you get it.

It’s my favorite kind of crazy Christmassy Holiday-y Solstice-ish Quaanzesque, Hannukkabulextra fabulosis party we haven’t done in forever. Guests, Gaffe’s, Gifts and Goofballery all happening while you digest your Thanksgiving excesses.


Aladdin Theater
8PM, Friday and Saturday November 29 & 30
(AKA: Black Friday and Sparkly Saturday)
$35 general admission, $50 reserved golden circle tickets (plus service charge)
Click Here for Friday Tickets
Click Here for Saturday Tickets

I’m sure by then, I will once again, feel like this:
Peace on Earth. Goodnight and see you out there.

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  1. When will you be touring the UK would love to see you live :)
    keep kicking arse, your doing a great job !!

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