The boys and I had an amazing time spreading that Christmas cheer all over there and way up in here. As a gift of thanks and love to you all, Greg/Buddy/Cinq étoiles Eklund made a lovely Christmas video from our gigs and various escapades. Please share and enjoy.


We have a list, and will check it twice, and soon you’ll get given some naughty yet nice.

Jimmy Jamms Beaton and I will put together a small intimate show, free for the folks who got stuck, and cheap for any others we can get in. Date and venue TBD. You will also get your own video of backstage clips and quips soon, it will be exclusively yours alone to watch and share first. We won’t make it public til you all have enjoyed it.

Please write us back ( if you missed the show and haven’t yet gotten on the list.
(If you’ve already emailed, don’t fret. You’re on the list.)

Storm Large Holiday Ordeal

In closing. 2016 can lick my balls. The year was a relentless barrage of tough love and excruciating loss for most of us. May I encourage all of you to take the pain and frustration, sorrow and rage, and use whatever resources you have to transform it into more gratitude, compassion, peace and light. Don’t roll your eyes at me fucknuts….I’m serious. With any breath in our lungs and any sparkle we can scrape up, we are the light. We are powerful. We are love.

So march on Christmas Boners. We will see you out there.

So much love,
XOStorm and the boys

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  1. Rick liberati
    Rick liberati says:

    I can’t bitch about 2016 because I got to see Storm perform for the first time,if I have half a brain it won’t be the last..
    Very interesting women to say the least,a God given talent voice and a very Forgiving soul-I struggle to forgive myself sometimes,of course like many I struggle with condemnation..Storm,Somehow u seem to make everything okay,like ur saying”Hey fucktard,get over urself and move on u big p..ssy”!
    Ur right,condemnation is no way to live a happy life!
    Anyway just wanted to say Ur awesome,hope to see you perform again next time ur in the south jersey area.I have two daughters 10 and 9,u might inspire them one day!

  2. Cindy & Jim Fairchild
    Cindy & Jim Fairchild says:

    Merry Christmas to Storm Large and Le Bonheurs. Wow what a nice surprise. Thank you for the wonderful treat. Always a class act.

  3. Ed Sandoval
    Ed Sandoval says:

    I enjoyed the video clip. I constantly listen to Brazil and Amado Mio. Now there’s a happening!
    Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2017.

  4. Diana
    Diana says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for planning a show for those of us who missed the Dec. 8th show. I had bought tickets for myself and seven friends (two who have never seen you live), and none of us could make it to Portland from Vancouver and Hillsboro. See you soon!!

  5. Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson says:

    Thanks for the Wonderful Concert at Revolution Hall. It was freezing outside but you certainly warmed up everybody in the Hall. Looking forward to your next shows.

  6. Geno Hardin
    Geno Hardin says:

    My wife passed away 11/15/16, we both have loved and followed you for 16 years now. My son was the first to see her as I brought him home from school, I wasn’t gone more than 20 minutes. He rushed in the door, eager to see her, thought she was sleeping…wouldn’t wake up. He ran outside to get me, and soon as I walked in the door could tell she was gone. He’s 12, she was only 54.
    It’s your voice I keep running to in my worst moments of loneliness, as I need to just cry..let it out. You brought many tears of joy to both our eyes as we’ve watched you grow Storm.
    When you have moments when you really think life sucks..think of your young friend who’s only 12, and his mommy “Anakalia” (angel in Hawaiian), lifting you up from above when you’re feeling down.
    “It’s the least we can do for all you’ve done for us”!

    Geno & Kahner Aloha Hardin
    Your “Oakland OR” Fans

  7. Igor
    Igor says:

    Wow, what a night! Thank you for carrying Pink Martini through NY night in Disney Hall. You made it unforgettable and got a new fan for life.

  8. Lisa moss
    Lisa moss says:

    Dear storm.. How would you feel about the Bellingham Unitarian fellowship taking your song”stand up for me” to Romania and performing it with a children’s choir comprised of Roma and ethnic hungarians… The music program is designed to bring children together in culturally divided communities with the purpose of healing deep wounds and providing opportunity to bring feud ing communities together through music and increased opportunities to move up and out of poverty… Do you have sheet music we could purchase? With appreciation…Lisa

  9. Nani
    Nani says:

    Hello 2017 and Hello, Storm!

    Michelle and I are coming to see you this Friday and I’m very excited! I can’t wait. It’ll have been too long, my dear. Benny and Susan next door will also be there, as usual,…super fans! Michelle is even bringing her son, Beckett, who is taller than all of us and whose voice is deeper than his dad’s; can you believe we are getting old? Beckett (and Chell) want to sneak in backstage so that he can meet you. Do you still do that, Superstar? Mad love, Angel, and see you Friday.

    -Nani (another Oak Street fan)

  10. Liz Szalay
    Liz Szalay says:

    Just bought myself a ticket to see you Storm for the first time ever in Carmel, Indiana on February 16. I’ve been following you for awhile and you are amazing and gorgeous! What. A. Voice! Cannot wait !!!

  11. Harriet Thompson
    Harriet Thompson says:

    Daughter who lives in Seattle saw you at Benaroya Hall.. Insisted I see you ‘cause I would love you…
    Sooo … Willl be seeing you April 9 at Kravis in
    Florida… Can’t wait …Harriet ❤️

  12. Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy says:

    I hope you come to Napa sometime – maybe play the Bottle Rock festival, or work the Uptown Theater, the Blue Note Jazz Club, The concert hall at Copia Center. We need you

  13. Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy says:

    …and while I’m at it, here are three songs I’d love to hear you do – an eclectic list, not that you need my advice, but whenever I hear these songs, I ask myself “wow, what would Storm do with these…”

    – New Way Home – KT Oslin

    – Estate – the Suzanna McCorkle version (some different words)

    – Rose Colored Glasses – John Conlee


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