Hey Gang

I have an actual moment to poke in to say hey !

I’m in Portland for a spell to put on the BIG BALLROOM show . I am so excited to play with my Balls again , not to mention play for my Portland peeps YAYYYY! The show is at the Wonder Ballroom on Friday the 13th of this month . Afterwards I’m co-hosting my favorite for political party “CANDIDATES GONE WILD “!! Roseland , Mon. 10/16 .This is the most informative and entertaining way for folks to choose who , in local government , best represents them . I’m honored to be a part of it .

So Ladylike has some ripping guitar on it thanks to the lovely and monstrous Dave Navarro. In my experience , lead guitar players want to shred all over songs and elbow their way to the front of the mix … Dave did the most delicious and heavy riffs and chunked some dark rythem in there so that his presence is both subtle and yet so intense my nipples wanna tear through my shirt . He’s amazing .

And for the gossip maggots , Dave and I aren’t dating . Get your stories straight , people .
I’m still besotted with grief over my failed relationship with Paris Hilton and I’m finding solace in the tiny birdlike arms of another blonde starlet …. who has promised to eat a fried egg (with the yolk) on a toasted (WHITE) english muffin with REAL butter , (mixing carbs with protien!) and leave it in her stomach all day . I won’t say whom …. but some tiny angel’s gonna grow her ass back for me . THAT’S love .

The new version of Ladylike will be out on iTunes Oct. 17th.

See you out there , and bless you all for your support .

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