…..mmmmmmmm ….. weeners .

We’ve got some good times ahead people . I’m talking about music , shows and Halloween , of course .

No politics today . Starting tonight I am going on a news fast … for a week . I have not slept well in days and my brain is packed with such paranoid squawking … even the craziest conspiracy theories are starting to sound viable . I know how I am voting , I know where I will be on November 4th … but I will be no good to anyone if I make myself sick over every twist and turn in the news and on the campaign trail . So no NY Times, no Drudge Report , no BBC , NPR , CNN , Rassmussen , Factcheck , Huffington Post or Daily Beast . No Ed Rollins , Anderson Cooper , Chris Buckley , Naomi Klein or Wolf … and certainly no Hannity , Huckabee , Bachman or O’Reily . They also get a time out .

Yes , I have been reading and watching all of that . Yes , I know , it is too much . No , I haven’t been properly laid in awhile due to the completely anti sexual nature all of this information is .


This week is all about putting on slutty clothes , doing my man proper and making music ! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

James and I will be playing on Friday 10/24 at the Doug Fir to celebrate the release of (D)Early Departed . An album full of some of the best artists Portland has to offer , the proceeds from which go to our oldest and most beautiful cemetery , Lone Fir . Then on Thurs. 10/30 (technically ‘Cabbage Night’ for you East Coast transplants out there..) We’re doing a sexy , stripped down pre Halloween party on the Portland Spirit . Then , on Election Day , I’m doing a reading at The Old Church for the Portland Theater Guild at 10AM …. later there will be a post election party at Grand Central Bowl .

In between my reading and the party I will undoubtedly wear a hole in the floor from the pacing . Maybe I’ll skip the party and just go to the beach …wear a hole in the sand instead .

Be well everyone , and stay calm . Take care of each other even if you are flying different colors from your neighbors. We all want what’s best ….so do and be your best .

See you out there (unless you are on the news … in which case I will see you next week …)


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