Good Morning Los Angeleees!!

I know , I know …it’s fuckin’ EARLY ! But I just got back from the L.A station Indie 103.1 where I had a chat with Joe Escalante about little people porn , Sanjaya , and THE BALLS! We are at the Viper Room tonight and tomorrow night on the Sunset Strip (not with Sanjaya…sorry…). I haven’t played the Viper in ages so I’m excited to get back on that sticky stage ….it’s got such a low , dirty rock club vibe .

We had a couple days off gigging , and , I MUST say …if you have a couple days off , you might as well be in Lake Tahoe . That place is miraculously beautiful , Day-yum ! No TV , no internet , no cel service … sounds like Hell to some of you , I’m sure , but me and the boys had a blast . Ping pong table , trampoline , kayaks , golf carts , mountain bikes and razor scooters all at our disposal . The Balls turned into instant 9 year olds when left to entertain themselves without the usual array of electronic crutches . It was all fun and games (pine cone fights and Pirates Of The Caribbean on golf carts , drunk trampoline tricks…) until the last day , yesterday .

Such a bright , sunny morning , I decided to take a leisurely scooter ride down to the lake for one last deep breath and drink in the pristine view . Yeah … then I hit a dang pothole , hidden perfectly in the shadows and went ass over tea kettle onto the road . As I write this , my hands feel a bit better , just a little shredded skin on my palms , but my knee is an off-yellowish and
twice it’s size . Ouch . Not pretty… but pretty funny .

I’m sure I’ll be fine but I don’t see and high heels in my near future . I’ll be rockin’ my Chuck’s tonight , more than likely .

See you out there …don’t laugh at my limp .

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